#ARM Worldwide safeguards, improves and maintains the Le Book website.

Beginning as a highly-collectible and highly-designed reference book, LeBook was a limited edition guide to the creative community in Paris. Invented by Veronique Kolasa in 1982, as a private resource for her best creative friends, LeBooK quickly became “The Bible of the Image Industries.”   As the international reference for information and inspiration over the past four decades, LeBook has a network of 50,000+ creatives at brands and advertising agencies – all involved in marketing, image-making, and media buying.  

An abode for artists & artistry

With an unparalleled global presence, LeBook has become the international key to the production world—a portal to more than 50,000 professionals. The most famed photographers, art directors, stylists and model agencies; the most lauded producers, location finders, photo labs, rental studios, event spaces and caterers; the pre-eminent record labels, magazines, advertising agencies, fashion designers and PR firms can all be found in LeBook. In short, LeBook is a must for everything and everyone that propels the creative industry.   To maintain their robust brand image in the digital sphere, they joined hands with #ARM Worldwide.  


  LeBook presented a series of formidable challenges to #ARM Worldwide, demanding the discovery of the most fitting solutions.   One of the prominent hurdles involved upgrading the website technology to enhance the stability of the web application. Overseeing a vast network of 50,000+ creative brands entailed a colossal task of managing a multitude of videos and images.   Another critical challenge lay in providing a robust backend system capable of efficiently uploading and managing data, while accommodating multiple users seamlessly.   Addressing these challenges head-on, #ARM Worldwide sought innovative strategies to overcome the obstacles and deliver optimal solutions.  

The #ARM Worldwide Solution

  The #ARM Worldwide tech team embarked on a comprehensive research phase, laying the groundwork to commence the project from scratch. This involved a meticulous examination of the existing challenges and identifying the most effective solutions.   To address the issue of image quality and enhance the user experience, the team implemented the use of Obsidian Frame. This technology played a pivotal role in resolving image-related concerns, ensuring that the content structure became more user-friendly and facilitating seamless navigation across the website.   Recognizing the significance of user journey, we introduced significant changes to enhance the website's overall user experience. This encompassed revamping the user interface (UI) with carefully crafted design elements and incorporating new functionalities to optimize the loading of data. By prioritizing these improvements, the team aimed to streamline the user journey and make it more intuitive and efficient.   Furthermore, we placed a strong emphasis on security, implementing robust measures to safeguard the web application. This included hardening the security configuration at the server level, fortifying the system against potential vulnerabilities and ensuring the protection of sensitive data.   Ensuring the web application's functionality and accuracy was of utmost importance to the #ARM Worldwide team. We diligently mapped and verified the data, meticulously scrutinizing each aspect of the application to ensure it was error-free and that user information was correctly displayed. This meticulous approach resulted in a seamless user journey, instilling confidence and enhancing user satisfaction.  


The #ARM Worldwide tech team successfully addressed major business concerns and revamped the web application, greatly improving the user experience. We overcame challenges, restored stability, and optimized performance. By incorporating user-centric design principles, our team created an intuitive interface and streamlined workflows. Our efforts aligned the web application with business objectives, enhancing efficiency and collaboration. The result was an impressive transformation that delighted users and contributed to overall business growth.  

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