ARM’s Micro-Influencer Triumph : How They Catapulted Hampton Homes in Ludhiana

Hampton Homes, one of the best real estate companies in Ludhiana, is fully dedicated to a high level of craftsmanship & innovation. Their luxury apartments in Ludhiana are carefully designed by their architects & engineers as per the real estate standards. By using advanced technology like MIVAN, along with a robust RCC structure, Hampton Homes has changed the face of the real estate industry.

When luxury meets architecture

Hampton Homes moved through their journey with one vision – to become the fastest-growing real estate company in India. They provide one-of-a-kind amenities to their customers, helping them unveil the gift of luxury & create lifetime memories.  To recognise themselves as a leading name in the real estate world, Hampton Homes seeked #ARM Worldwide’s guidance & assistance through an Influencer Marketing Campaign. 


The objective of this campaign was to: 

Strategy devised

The influencer marketing team at #ARM Worldwide conducted thorough market research to analyse the competition & the positioning of Hampton Homes. Strategies were formulated to maximise the outreach with the help of creative and genuine influencers with active and loyal followers. Micro Influencers are leading the charge in today’s digital media landscape, to create community-focused content that drives meaningful engagement and resonates with the audience. #ARM Worldwide leveraged its relationship with some of the best micro creators in the influencer ecosystem. Our priority was to select the right set of influencers to address the requirement of widespread awareness. Hence, we handpicked 7 micro-influencers via AI tools who lived in or around Ludhiana to create content in the Instagram reel forma. By leveraging the power of micro-influencers, we aimed to create local awareness, one of the unique aspects of the campaign.  The content was not limited to only talking about the property, our influencers also created content around motherhood, celebrating uniqueness, fulfilling dreams, and gifting a house to their parents.  To engage our audience on the social media channel, we decided to host a giveaway contest, which was further amplified by influencers. The contest took place on the social media platform, captivating the target audience & driving maximum engagement on the campaign, creating a huge buzz in the Ludhiana region as the influencer had a good regional follower base.  Furthermore, we wrote a song on Women’s Day which was then sung by one of the handpicked influencers. This helped us in generating User Generated Content, which further helped in achieving good results and boosting brand awareness. We also engaged influencers in a couple of fun question banter, which resulted in creating engaging content.  The campaign performance was to be tracked in real-time and no metric was left unchecked. All the present and upcoming trends were accounted for before making any decisions. The team was extremely capable and could reliably adapt to every unforeseen obstacle that may arise.


The influencers went above and beyond, and the results proved that. The yielded results were a testament to the hope that people have. The campaign run on Instagram garnered a total of 755K+ views on their videos with 34K+ engagement. The joint efforts of #ARM Worldwide & Hampton Homes resulted in spreading the message to 871kK+ audience.

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