Business Process Automation of a Manufacturing Company

  An international manufacturing company that designs, develops, and manufactures track-guided blind products partnered with #ARM Worldwide to automate their business process, delivering greater efficiency, cutting costs, freeing up time, and allowing them to deliver better customer service.


As our client strengthened its footprint in the market, it evolved from being just a retailer to being a wholesale developer & manufacturer of track-guided blind products. According to Future Market Insights (FMI) analysis, the global blind & shades business is expected to rise at an impressive CAGR of 4.4 % from 2022 to 2029, as green building initiatives become more prevalent in the country. However, it was getting difficult for the client to robustly tackle all the customer demands about multiple parameters such as price, fabric, motor, coatings, pelmets, etc., and distribute this data across vendors for quotes on sales and installations. Looking at the rising demand & competition, our client wanted to initiate business process automation & streamline the entire business process.  Our Goal: 
  • Create an automated strategic tool for calculating & processing different permutations & combinations of end product
  • Simplify complex data monitoring, management & distribution processes

Transformation Approach

The challenge of manually collecting & collating multiple parameters of data was growing steadily over time, and hence creating an automated web tool with future-proof data integration capability became the need of the hour. Our team at #ARM came together with a winning strategy for the task of developing a web tool to streamline the entire business process of this client. The process was divided into the following phases :
  • Discovery: Analysis of the raw product data, understanding business logic for greater productivity & efficiency of over 80+ agents
  • Design: Structuring of complex data into one common repository with centralized control 
  • Development:  Business logic development from different permutations & combinations of unstructured data to create the web tool
  • Testing:  Building test cases, functional & regression testing, VAPT Security Audit & UAT
  • Deployment: Live server deployment followed by data migration and launch


We helped the client to streamline & automate complex data management business processes. The transformation was visible with immediate effect after the deployment of the web tool. The automated tool enabled the client to move beyond the then-existing limitations and restrictions to achieve: 75%   reduction in processing time 40%   increase in market reach 100%   accuracy in calculations
  • The tool delivered greater efficiency, saving many person-hours per week and freeing time to focus on improving sales & service.
  • Processing of data in runtime with the facility for it to be sent across to different vendors & clients instantly
  • Flexibility to manage changing & emerging data
  • Future proof product with the scope of adding more data
  • Zero errors in calculations
  • Substantial reduction in costs
  • One repository with centralized control over data
  • Single source management of data with multiple user access

Technology Stack

Adopting the whole range of new technology took the client’s business to the next level of success. #ARM used the following tech stack to automate the client’s business process. 
  • Laravel  
  • MySql 
  • Basecamp
  • AWS- Server 
  • DevOps/CI-CD 
  • Figma
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