#CiaoDumbDialer – Truecaller Bloggers Meet & Influencer Campaign Case Study



The rise of last mile connectivity and affordable cellular plans have led to tele-spamming. And most people fall prey to the act of being spammed and are left helpless and incapable of finding a solution to tackle the issue. That’s where Truecaller saw an opportunity and quickly came up with the solution. Truecaller unveiled a new feature called ‘TrueDialer’ in its app that replaced old default dialers and helped in making calls spam-free. To get to sit up and take note of your product has never been easy, leave aside the act of downloading a smartphone application. So, our challenge was to create a good rapport about TrueDialer feature among target audience and make these users switch from their old diallers to new ones.


The strategy was to begin the conversation around TrueDialer and make a buzz around the new dialer. To execute this, we created a unique Twitter campaign using the hashtag #Ciao_DumbDialer to draw the target audience's attention instantly and subtly increase the awareness about the product. The uniqueness of the keywords was no doubt an eye catcher, and to further amplify the appeal of the hashtag; we went ahead by associating with industry pioneers and influencers. We decided to host a farewell party for old dumb diallers and announce the launch of TrueDialer at the same party to bring about instant gratification and showcase the product feature.  


Since the issue of spamming is widespread and very relevant in a country with the second biggest mobile user base, the awareness and noise around the campaign had to be large scale. We kickstarted our campaign by creating @Ciao_DumbDialer profile on Twitter and also owned the hashtag by posting and publishing relevant content on the social media platform. To create more curiosity, the Twitter handle was created in sync with Truecaller’s brand guidelines and colour schemes. To further establish inquisitiveness we seeded conversations around the nuisance of spam calls, and how Truecaller was the most ultimate choice for handling and reporting the spam calls. To expand our reach and create more buzz, we engaged industry thought leaders and influencers to build cognizance of the product. We also created and seeded blogs that endorsed TrueDialer’s unique feature and established a connect with the particular blog’s audiences. For the final leg of the campaign, we planned and executed a farewell party for the old dumb diallers and promoted the action from the event through owned Twitter pages and that of the influencers. The live tweets of the day added more to the digital conversation and created a buzz that got noticed by one and many on the social media platforms.


  • 15K+ Engagement on Twitter
  • 16Mn+ Potential Impressions
  • 36Mn+ reach
  • 1000+ Entries

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