Dabur Hajmola Amla Candy


Dabur is an organization that has been transforming the living of every household through ayurveda over the past 138+ years. The world’s largest ayurvedic company has a line of products which are consumed in around 120 countries. In 2021, Dabur launched their product – Dabur Hajmola Candy – a healthy & Vitamin C rich digestive candy whose ingredients are sourced from organic farms and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals or artificial additives. Dabur & #ARM Worldwide joined hands to raise brand awareness & communicate the benefits of the product to their target audience. 

The fusion of ayurveda & chatpata

Dabur Hajmola amla candy is chatpata in flavor and very suitable  for digestion. The product is filled with the goodness of vitamin C. An individual can enjoy this product as a healthy snack in everyday life without worrying about bad effects of chemicals.

We, at #ARM Worldwide, were gratified to be part of this chatpata initiative and joined hands with Dabur to ensure this campaign is successful.


The objective of the campaign was to:-

  • To raise awareness and talk about social issues that can be connected with the cause that is promoting.
  • To communicate the benefits of the product while establishing its relevance and use in a simple manner.
  • To create a positive impression of the product amongst the right TG.

Strategy devised

The Influencer marketing team at #ARM Worldwide conducted thorough market research. Strategies were formulated to maximize the outreach with help of creative and genuine influencers with active and loyal followers.

#ARM Worldwide has relations with some of the best creators in the influencer ecosystem. We shortlisted various influencers who were the perfect fit to carry on the message of Dabur’s newly launched Hajmola Amla Candy. Since the product persona was ‘chatpata’, we planned to engage Influencers who had a personality that matched ‘fun’ and ‘quirky persona of the product.  We handpicked 12 category A, B and C influencers from multiple genres. 

Additionally, we also thought of Involving an anchor or a well known face who could directly connect with the audience and get their reactions on consuming the product. This would not only give us a good reach but also establish the product relevance amongst the TG. Hence, we reached out to RJ Rochie to promote the product. For RJ Rochie, we selected the unconventional format of Vox Pox that was executed at multiple corporate offices to establish that Dabur Hajmola Candy could also be a great healthy snack for them.

The food bloggers & RJ Rochie kickstarted the campaign by visiting  multiple corporate offices asking people questions around ‘chatpata’. The video was also posted by RJ Rochie on her Instagram handle. After this, we had the other Influencers going Live with their content thus creating awareness for the product amongst their followers communicating how the product is a great healthy companion while traveling or binging at home. 

The campaign performance was to be tracked in real-time and no metric was left unchecked. All the present and upcoming trends were accounted for before making any decisions. The team was extremely capable and could reliably adapt to every unforeseen obstacle that may arise.


The influencers went above and beyond, and the results showed/proved that. The yielded results were a testament to the hope that people have.

The campaign run on Instagram garnered a total of 20K+ likes & 218K+ views on their videos. The joint efforts of #ARM Worldwide & Dabur resulted in spreading the message to 430K+ audience.

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