Dabur Pudin Hara Fizz


Dabur has been transforming the living of every household through Ayurveda over the past 138+ years. The world’s largest Ayurvedic company has a line of products which are consumed in around 120 countries. One of its trusted products Dabur Pudin Hara – is an ayurvedic medicine for gas, ingestion, & acidity. Dabur & #ARM Worldwide joined hands to raise brand awareness & create hype around the product. 

The Ayurvedic home remedy for stomach problems

Dabur Pudin Hara contains Pudina Satva as the main ingredient which is known to give a cooling effect and relieve a burning sensation in the stomach. While Dabur Pudin Hara liquid and pearl are highly consumed, Dabur Pudin Hara fizz comparatively had low awareness. The Pudin Hara Fizz is available in 3 variants – Lemon Fizz, Soda Fizz & Fanto Fizz variants of which Soda Fizz, Fanto Fizz.

Dabur wanted to take the product to its target audience, and #ARM Worldwide assisted them with the same through an Influencer Marketing Campaign.


The objective of this campaign was to : 

  • Establish the new Dabur Pudin Hara Fizz as the most preferred, 100% safe and an effective powdered antacid for gastric issues

Strategy devised

The Influencer marketing team at #ARM Worldwide conducted thorough market research. Strategies were formulated to maximize the outreach with help of creative and genuine influencers with active and loyal followers.

#ARM Worldwide has relations with some of the best creators in the influencer ecosystem. Selecting the right set of Influencer to address our requirement of widespread awareness was our priority. Hence, we considered 2 categories of influencers, CAT-A who were Chefs, CAT-B who were food bloggers.

We handpicked 6 food blogging and chef influencers including ‘Bharatz Kitchen’ to create content and promote the product on social media platforms through a 60 sec interactive reel. In their content, Influencers chose storytelling as the content style to connect with the audience and establish trust in the product. The content was posted on both the Influencer as well as brands’ page on Instagram for a wider reach. 

Throughout the campaign, we chose to use the hashtag #PudinHaraFizz. The campaign also included of using other hashtags like #AcidityKeShikaar, #PHFiZzActionCompleteRelaxation, #AcidityCompleteRelief. This campaign laid emphasis on how it is good for acidity, indigestion or gas. The handpicked influencers talked about the benefits of the products in their own funny & quirky manner. We took advantage of guiding through Influencers of different genres about the organic way of updating a well maintained lifestyle for the audience.

The campaign performance was to be tracked in real-time and no metric was left unchecked. All the present and upcoming trends were accounted for before making any decisions. The team was extremely capable and could reliably adapt to every unforeseen obstacle that may arise.


The influencers went above and beyond, and the results showed/proved that. The yielded results were a testament to the hope that people have.

The campaign run on Instagram garnered a total of 500K+ views on their videos with an engagement rate of 5.06%. The joint efforts of #ARM Worldwide & Dabur resulted in spreading the message to 600K+ audience. 

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