Digital Transformation For An Edtech Leader With Global Market Focus

  One of India’s first edtech company with 10K+ active learners offering 60+ certification & degree courses from 20+ world-leading universities partnered with #ARM Worldwide to transform its digital presence aligned with the fast-paced business growth goals


The edtech market is enormous, and the competition has been growing at a phenomenal pace. Additionally, the introduction of new players backed by investors adds to the performance pressure. With the rising competition, redevelopment of the company’s business & marketing engine was the need of the hour. Our goal was to help the client transform its digital presence and achieve business growth in a three step journey from landing to conversion:
  • Customize a thorough strategy for digital transformation
  • Categorise the data in a well structured format for the ease of navigation
  • Improve user journey for various processes such as admission, payment & creation of campaigns  

Transformation Approach

Transforming the client’s business engine with the latest tech integrations became the need of the hour. #ARM Worldwide was chosen as the digital transformation partner, and the task of redevelopment of the business & marketing engine of this edtech client was initiated with no time to spare.  The process of digital transformation was divided into the following phases :
  • Discovery: Project planning using agile methodology, including the product discovery exercise, understanding the user stories & modules
  • Design: Design of wireframe & UX journey 
  • Development: Tech development, implementation of CI/CD, centralized code repository
  • Testing: Building test cases, functional, integration & regression testing, VAPT Security Audit & UAT
  • Deployment: Live server deployment followed by data migration and launch


The transformation was visible within ten weeks after the deployment of the new website. New tech integrations enabled the client to move beyond the then-existing limitations and restrictions to achieve: Substantial Business Growth  Operational Efficiency  Enhanced User Experience 
  • We saw a 40% increase in sales and digital presence.
  • There was a 60% increase in time spent on the website, and the drop-off rate was reduced considerably.
  • The new interface eased the user journey for the admission process within the minimum number of clicks.
  • Categorization of data improved navigation & functionality for the users.
  • Solid search capability, including voice search.
  • Dynamic template design for easy integration of web content.
  • Integration with the calling app and live chat support.
  • Payment gateway, CRM, and SMS Integration.

Technology Stack

Adopting the whole range of new technology took the client’s business to the next level of success. #ARM used the following tech stack to digitalize the client’s online platform
  • Laravel  
  • MySql 
  • REact.JS
  • AWS- Server
  • AWS S3 Bucket 
  • DevOps/CI-CD 
  • Github 
  • Figma
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