#EMIHaiNa – Bajaj Finserv and #ARM Worldwide take the world by storm.

Why settle for less than what you deserve?  “EMI Hai Na” is the recipient of Digital Dragons Awards 2022, a winning campaign that was conceptualized and brought to life by #ARM Worldwide for Bajaj Finserv, to spread knowledge about the alternative buying method of EMI that can be availed by everyone, from town to village with zero stress!

Embrace The Festive Frenzy

The campaign rolled out before the upcoming festival of Diwali; a festival where the lights illuminate the country and the smiles of those who have long craved a reset. From embracing new beginnings to reconnecting with their roots, everyone needs a change. Bajaj Finserv was there to facilitate this change every step of the way, as the campaign enabled people to make stress-free purchases through the comfort and security of EMI.  
  Bajaj Finserv is a household name in the Indian market and with over 2 Crore+ customers availing their EMI services, they have established themselves as the market leader. This campaign was an expression of their gratitude. They desired it to reach every nook and corner of India, and they choose #ARM Worldwide to execute this vision.

The #ARM Strategy:-

The #ARM Worldwide team through extensive market research planned a multi-tier mass media campaign to target as many demographics as possible. Short-video platforms have seen tremendous growth in the past couple of years and are more relevant than ever. They have a very wide range of user base and have seen robust popularity in the T2 Areas. The #ARM Worldwide team utilized platforms Moj and Josh for the aforementioned reasons. Several short videos were posted to spread awareness about E.M.I. as an alternative for payment, conveying its advantages over conventional methods.
Josh Moj
For the purpose of reaching the masses, the #ARM Worldwide team choose radio marketing. Radios are still very relevant in certain T2 Areas and act as one of the primary forms of media. The tune of the “EMI Hai Na” campaign left its imprint on the listeners as they hummed along to the catchy lyrics, ensuring it lingers in their minds when they feel like delaying their wish list. Videos as well as static creatives were posted on top social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the purpose of maximising the reach of the campaign.

A wish list of Success and Instalments of joy.

The customers might be paying later, but the results could be seen immediately. And spoiler alert, they were astounding, all thanks to the proficient implementation of contemporary marketing strategies by the #ARM Worldwide team. Over 3.4 lakh web user visited the campaign page. The various videos posted across the platforms accrued over 2.77 Million views with 77.3% completion! 90+ posts on social media got engaged more than 4.7 lakhs times and had over more than 6.9 million impressions. #EMI Hai Na - Radio Campaign was launched in 6 cities namely Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Hyderabad via 5 most popular radio stations  with 1655 spots. The campaign was trending on Josh for 6 days and grabbed 12.7 MN video view and 3.5 MN engagement along with 29.6 MN and 1.3 MN video views and engagement on MOJ, respectively.  
  The campaign was successful and had notable acclaim, for which, #ARM Worldwide were bestowed the Digital Dragons Awards for the exemplary work done in the “EMI Hai Na” Campaign.

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