Enhancing the global brand presence of a firm in the B2B Technology space

A B2B technology company that performs SAP data archiving collaborated with #ARM Worldwide as its digital transformation partner for accelerated business growth and an enhanced brand presence.


Given that roughly 70% of customers follow the main page of a website, firms are working on redesigning their websites in a way that improves the user experience. To do this, the company's digital presence must be very powerful. With this performance pressure along with the cut-throat competition in the market, our highly recognized B2B Data Management client with 500+ worldwide customers along with a global presence wanted to intensify its brand growth. With a better user experience, we aimed to increase the brand's global reach and operational effectiveness! Our goal:
  • Intensified brand presence 
  • Smart display of events, services, solutions, products, etc.
  • Data structuring and categorization for ease of navigation.
  • Smooth Lead capturing.
  • Content translation in multiple languages.

Transformation Approach

The company’s vision of achieving an enhanced brand presence was a crucial target and #ARM being its digital transformation partner, helped the brand achieve its goals in the blink of an eye. The overall process was divided into the following phases:
  • Discovery: Project planning using agile methodology, identification of UIS, gripping on the user stories, modules, and user content.
  • Design: Simplified version of UX journey 
  • Development: Revamping the project structure, custom module for data orchestration, building CMS, simplification of operational challenges, implementation of CI/CD, HubSpot Integration
  • Testing: Building test cases, functional, integration & regression testing, VAPT Security Audit & UAT
  • Deployment: Live server deployment followed by data migration and launch


The transformation became apparent within 12 weeks after the deployment of the new website. The customer was able to overcome the constraints in place at the time with the help of the custom build module. Enhanced Brand Presence  Significant Lead Capture Efficient Multilingual Content Management


  • We saw a 20% increase in lead generation.
  • There was a major shift of 40% in operational efficiency.
  • The average visit duration saw a rapid 70% increase.  
  • Website revamping led to notable brand recognition.
  • Taking into account the need for flexibility for enhanced event functionality, the custom-built event module efficiently delivered extensive event information on the client's webpage.
  • Solid management and publication of content through CMS build-up.
  • Single structure content was conveniently translated into multiple languages without any operational challenges for a layman person.
  • HubSpot Integration helped in a smooth lead capturing and segregation of qualified leads for sales.

Technology Stack

Adopting the whole range of new technology took the client’s business to the next level of success. #ARM used the following tech stack to flourish the client’s online platform
  • WordPress
  • PHP 
  • Mysql
  • Github
  • AWS- Server
  • DevOps/CI-CD  
  • JIRA
Want to transform your brand presence across the globe? Let #ARM pave the way! 

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