Flipkart Home Flipover


India’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace, Flipkart, launched its second season of  #HomeFlipover campaign which showcased its wide selection of high-quality home products, all ready to transform the comforting abode of customers. To raise awareness around the same, Flipkart joined hands with #ARM Worldwide. 

Giving your abode a homely flip-over

With an increase in the home segment, customers have started investing in furniture and furnishings to make their homes a cosy place that often is an extension of their personalities. The hybrid work model has indeed encouraged multiple customers to rethink their life at home since it has become the place where they spend most of their time. 

Hence, Flipkart’s #HomeFlipover campaign has brought on board an array of the best possible finds with carefully curated home inspiration to make brick-and-mortar buildings feel like home. The latest collection features products including bedsheets, curtains, showpieces, plants, cutlery, cookware, and home improvement tools, among others.

Driven by customer insights, Flipkart aims to reach women across the country, offering them the ease of shopping premium brands at an affordable price.

We, at #ARM Worldwide, were excited to be part of this homely transformation journey and joined hands with Flipkart to ensure that this campaign would reach the pinnacle of success. 


The objective of the campaign was to: 

  • Enhance campaign awareness
  • Engage the maximum number of people on social media platforms

Strategy devised

Our influencer marketing team conducted in-depth research on how people are reacting towards transforming their homes into cute & cosy corners, which would help them identify the right target audience. After gaining an understanding of the market as well as the target audience, the team finalised Instagram as the social media platform to conduct the campaign. Strategies were formulated to maximise the outreach of the campaign and engage the maximum number of people with relevant hashtags. 

To enhance brand awareness and reach a larger target audience, #ARM Worldwide & Flipkart together came up with a quirky hashtag – #HomeFlipover. 

The influencer marketing team at #ARM Worldwide leveraged their Influencer relationships & shortlisted multiple B-town celebrities & Instagram-famous mothers to help achieve the objectives of this campaign. The influencers were directed to shoot Instagram reels redoing a corner in your home to make it a cosier place, more reflective of your personality. Additionally, the influencers were also directed to share their experiences on Instagram stories to garner more reach. 

The campaign performance was to be tracked in real time and no metric was left unchecked. All the present and upcoming trends were accounted for before making any decisions. The team was extremely capable and could reliably adapt to every unforeseen obstacle that may arise.


With the concerted efforts of influencers and #ARM Worldwide, the campaign results went above and beyond. The 16 celebrity influencers collectively garnered a total of 70K+ likes, 70K+ engagements, and 50K+ total reach on Instagram reels. Talking about Instagram stories, the total reach garnered was 667K+, with 594K+ total impressions. 

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