Flying into the Future: IndiGo’s 17th Anniversary, Influencer Style

On IndiGo's 17th anniversary, an exceptional Influencer Marketing Campaign took off, aiming to connect with a wider audience.  In celebration of the significant milestone, IndiGo released a captivating birthday music video, with the  aim to spread its melody among netizens as an invitation for them to join the celebration in their own unique ways. To fulfil Indigo’s birthday wish the #ARM's worldwide Influencer marketing team formulated an effective marketing strategy, strategically partnered with professional dancers & influential individuals encouraging them to share dance videos set to the music, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for their followers.  From August 2 to August 4, 2023, the three day campaign was all about commemorating IndiGo's journey and capturing the attention of the right people. IndiGo's name reached countless users and turned heads in the process giving a  glimpse into IndiGo's remarkable 17 years, and a promise of even more astonishing experiences ahead.


As the campaign started, our primary objective was to promote Indigo’s birthday music bringing virality, and maximise the impact of Indigo in three significant ways:
  • Creating Awareness:
    Our influencers were the key to spreading the word. Through their authentic dance steps, postings and interactions, we aimed to create awareness about IndiGo's 17th-year milestone as well as the brand itself.
  • Enhancing Engagement:
    Engagement was key. We wanted to measure the impact and amplification of our campaign with our unique hashtags, and encouraged influencers to craft their content in a way that resonated perfectly with IndiGo's brand image and tone. Ensured that every interaction was meaningful, reinforcing IndiGo's message and enhancing the campaign's overall success.
  • Generating Virality:
    We strived to make the birthday music and campaign go viral. We wanted to achieve timely postings and repostings, following the trend to reach maximum audiences in a short span of time.  


The crux of our brand strategy lay in the artful selection of influencers and platforms, a symphony of precision and purpose. To achieve this, we dove deep into our data pool to unearth the absolute best. This meticulous selection process ensured that every influencer carried the essence of IndiGo in their voice and connected authentically with our target audience. We meticulously curated a diverse group of influencers, including hero, micro, and nano-influencers, each chosen for their unique ability to resonate with different segments of our target audience. Simultaneously, we strategically placed our campaign on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where visuals and engagement flourish, allowing our influencers to connect most effectively with their followers.

Creative Strategy:

Our creative strategy was all about making the anniversary song shine:
  • Unique Hashtags and Engaging Posts:
    We crafted unique hashtags and guided influencers on post copies that resonated with IndiGo's image. We also brainstormed creative ways for them to engage with the catchy song.
  • Influencer-Crafted the Dance Moves:
    We asked the Hero influencers to create new dance steps, which was further enhanced by active participation of micro influencers in form of their own versions of dance steps, and nano influencers by actively sharing stories garnering maximum engagement. 
  • Active Audience Participation:
    Real-time tracking, responses, and community-building made our campaign immersive.
Influencer that joined Indigo’s birthday bash:
Our influencer lineup was a strategic mix of 75+ influencers that perfectly resonated with IndiGo's brand, messaging, and the audience we wanted to reach.
  • The right start with Hero Influencers:
    To compliment the music and keeping in mind IndiGo's brand image and messaging, we selected two professional dancers to kickstart our campaign. With a massive following of 30 million and 8 million, both the influencers created a mesmersing dance choreography. Their immense reach and influence allowed us to engage with a vast and diverse audience. These heroes were instrumental in boosting our campaign's visibility to a bigger scale. Indigo casestudy by ARM Worldwide Indigo Casestudy by ARM Worldwide
  • 25 Micro-Influencers:
    Next in line were micro-influencers, each with a following ranging from 100,000 to 1 million,  who were asked to create their own version of the dance move to further personalise what the hero influencers started and amplify the total impact of the campaign. These influencers played a pivotal role in engaging with a niche, highly engaged audience. Their authenticity and close-knit connections added depth to our campaign and ensured that our message reached a genuinely interested and receptive audience.
  • 50 Nano-Influencers:
    And finally to spread the echo of Indio's birthday music, we reached out to 50 nano influencers, boasting follower counts between 15,000 to 500,000. Though smaller in scale, they helped us create a ripple effect with active story sharing . They ensured that our campaign message was seen repeatedly, contributing to its virality. 

End Results:

Our campaign delivered exceptional outcomes, ensuring Indigo can have the best birthday gift!
  • Total Views: The campaign amassed a remarkable 3 million-plus views, capturing attention across digital platforms.
  • Reach: The campaign reached a soaring 1.8 million individuals, leaving a lasting impression on their minds.
  • Micro-Influencers: Our 25 micro-influencers collectively contributed to a substantial 900k views, deeply engaging their dedicated followers.
These results underscored the campaign's resounding success, establishing IndiGo as a brand that celebrates with style and impact.

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