How Schneider Electric ranked on top in SERPs

  Schneider Electric SE is a French multinational company specializing in digital automation and energy management. They work B2B, with a few physical stores in certain areas, and they only provide services to vendors and partners. They desired to expand their reach in the Indian market, and to do so, they sought digital marketing solutions provided by #ARM Worldwide. 


General Challenges:-
  • The global energy management systems market size reached $45.11 Billion in 2021 and is anticipated to rake up around $153.62 billion by 2030. Automation is an industry that is only getting larger as the said technology improves. Due to this, there was extreme market competition, which only continued to grow even more and some keywords opted by the client were very competitive due to their high search volume.
  • Schneider has multiple country-specific sites. Since all of them revolve around the same product, there were many overlapping keywords, and a bunch of keywords from sites of other countries were ranking on ‘’.
  • Due to the product-specific nature of the industry, the content had to be posted on specific pages that catered to the said niche, which stunted the overall reach.
 Website Challenges:-
  •  The URL structure of the website couldn't be changed (Limitations in terms of technical implementation/ very limited tech changes can be done i.e optimization of url structure, canonical tags, headings, heading tags, HREFLANG tag, and few other critical components of technical optimization)
  •  There were certain restrictions on the website due to which content such as images (website speed cannot be optimized/ poor website speed that cannot be fixed due to limitation of platform and technology)
  • On the majority of pages, content cannot be added further/ limitation on word limit/ limited content on majority of pages, and cannot be added for further optimization. FAQ missing, limited description around 100 words, details are not according to best practice of content word limit. 


The main objective of SEO is to improve the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). This can be done by improving the ranking of the website for certain keywords or phrases, or by increasing the number of visitors to the website. The ranking can be tracked in real-time by various tools that show the keywords “Google rankings”. However, the client gave preference to a market tool which calculated the “blended rank” of the keywords. To comply with their preference, the SEO team had to formulate a new strategy. This required understanding the tool and overcoming the challenge with out-of-the-box methods. The team eventually warmed up to the tool and set the following goals:-
  • Top 10 average blended rank for all targeted keywords.
  • 70% keywords should be ranking on first page of Google SERP
  • Increase in the organic traffic
The #ARM SEO team was able to reach this goal of a Blended Avg Rank of under 10 much earlier than estimated. Thus, a new goal of Blended Rank under 10 for all 50 Primary Keywords was set. With the new goal set, the team started E-Commerce SEO with a target of 25 keywords on Google's 1st page.  The target of Blended Rank under 10 was achieved for all 50 keywords in approximately 6 months. And with that, the goals for year 1 were accomplished! 

Mtalkz Case Study


The Schneider Website was going through a revamp. They had changed their domain from ‘’ to ‘ Due to this, the SEO done for the website was redundant, and the rankings took a hit.  Regardless of this, the #ARM SEO team revisited the revamped website, and planned the upcoming course of action. This time, with better strategies and enhanced technical knowledge, the team had the following objectives:-  
  • Minimize ranking drop & keep website health in check.
  • Improve SERP demand for brand and business services.
  • Create maximum referring domains backlinks on the targeted pages.
  • Increase positive content across the web.
  • Sustain blended rank and google rank to get organic traffic to the website.
  • Re-position as a market leader in Organic search.
, and the focus was shifted to regaining the ranks. To catalyze this race to the top, #ARM Worldwide suggested an aggressive guest posting campaign, making paid posts on other websites to complement the conventional SEO activities that our firm was providing.

Mtalkz Case Study

With more than 3 keywords being targeted in just a single post, 46/50 of the keywords broke into the top 10, and the Blended Ranking was restored within just 4 months.

Mtalkz Case Study

Throughout the duration of the project,  #ARM Worldwide published over 350 unique content pieces such as blogs, Quora posts and guest posts for Schneider Electric, written by the core technical team itself. A benchmark of 3-4 keywords per content piece was set.

Mtalkz Case Study

There were consistent brand mentions like #Schneider and #Lifeison in our own blogs and third-party content as well.


Through extensive research and plan execution, the #ARM Worldwide team was able to achieve all the targets.
  • 124/150 keywords reached the top.
  • 250+ Content pieces for 3rd party with on average 3 keywords interlinked.
  • 120+ Blogs were written for Schneider Global, and each blog had an average of 1k+ views.
  • 50+ Quora content threads with 500+ average per answer views.
  • 1500+ Unique backlinks on High DA websites.
  • Organic traffic witnessed 216% improvement, starting from 80K in 2018 to 173K in 2021. On average, there was approximately 10% Organic traffic growth every month.
  • Till September 2019 traffic has been 50% better than the previous year.
  • There has been over 10 times growth in monthly organic traffic since April. Organic sources have contributed 75% of the overall traffic to the website. (80% traffic via organic tactics)
  • Almost 83% of the traffic is through SEO optimization of the website in the last 1.5 years.
Reach The Right Audience via SEO Different products require different marketing strategies that cater to the correct demographic. A wide reach is redundant if it doesn't garner the attention of the correct consumer base. SEO ensures that your brand is given the upper hand in the ever-changing landscape of internet algorithms. To ensure your business grows on the digital front and is equipped to tackle any unforeseen challenges that may arise, get in touch with our team of experts at  #ARM Worldwide.

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