Increasing social media awareness for Splitsvilla – the game of love

  Splitsvilla, the Indian dating reality show, was all set to launch their 13th season with hosts Sunny Leone and Rann Vijay Singh. The season was conceptualized on Greek Mythology - The cupid’s arrow - with MTV playing cupid to help contestants find their one true love.  #ARM Worldwide and MTV joined hands to heavily promote Splitsvilla Season 13 on social media. With conclusive efforts, our team ran down analysis to devise robust strategies to achieve what MTV had dreamt of.  The show’s audience primarily consists of 18-24 Year olds who relate to the drama and fantasize about finding love for themselves. Our research showed, almost 69 Millions users from this age group are present on Instagram.  And we began to think, as to how we can create a buzz for the show and reach these millennials? 

Challenges faced

The two major challenges we faced when planning the campaign were:
  1. How do we create buzz on social media among all the clutter
  2. How do we drive engagement and increase followers on MTV India's Instagram handle

Strategies devised 

We at #ARM Worldwide approached the challenges with a 2 pronged strategy:
  1. Creating relevant and engaging content, leveraging influencer collaborations on social media to get them talking about Splitsvilla X3
  2. Leveraging the newly launched reel feature of Instagram to reach new users 

Putting Ideas into execution: 

In phase 1 of the campaign, we called for entries via online auditions with the message to not let social distancing deter them from finding their forever and kept the ante up with a collaboration with Yashraj Mukhate  In phase 2, the campaign was launched with the main promo and a robust Network TV and Digital Pages plan. We developed more content around content pieces and collaborate with influencers like gorgeouspotahto, govinuts, kareemabarry, and awwwnchal to promote the launch date.  In phase 3, we kept the interest peeking with episodic promos, Big Boss collaboration and a contest for all the single people. It is in this phase where we leveraged reels to promote, collaborate and push more contest, episodic and contestant content to reach new audiences and build a stronger fan base. 

Results: Turning dreams into reality

With concise and collaborative efforts, #ARM Worldwide achieved massive results on creating the social media awareness for Splitsvilla new season. We achieved a total reach of 1.04 Bn for the campaign, with more than 71 million engagement, 824M+ video views, and attracting 400K+ followers on their Instagram handle.  Total Reach - 1.04 BN Engagement - 71 Mn+  Video Views - 824M+ New IG Followers - 400K+  In a time where social distancing was being promoted, MTV and Splitsvilla brought people together to celebrate and find their “ONE TRUE LOVE”

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