Modernizing Relationship Of A Leading Indian University With Its Professors, Students, Multiple Stakeholders & The World

  A leading Indian university known for interdisciplinary education through undergraduate and post-graduate programs led by internationally renowned faculty chose #ARM Worldwide as their tech transformation partner. The university has 2500 plus students on campus, drawn from 30 states and over 243 cities in India and 27 other countries.


The number of Internet users in India is expected to reach 974 million by 2025, with the edtech sector playing a significant role in this growth. India constitutes 10% of the global edtech market, with the second-largest number of edtech companies. The market size is expected to reach US$30 billion by 2031, from US$ 700-800 million in 2021. Looking at the phenomenal growth in the market & emerging competition, the company wanted to be on the winning edge & focus on modernizing relationships with its professors and students, multiple stakeholders & the world at large through tech transformation. Our Goal:
  • Manage multiple stakeholders with a different set of requirements & pain points
  • Create a dynamic website removing dependency on the tech resource 
  • Customize modules to structure enormous data for enhancing user experience
  • Manage & integrate data on multiple platforms

#ARM Approach

#ARM promptly initiated the redevelopment of the client’s digital business engine with a focused strategy targeting increased business growth. The process involved the following phases :
  • Discovery: Project planning using agile methodology, including the product discovery exercise, understanding the user stories & modules
  • Design: Design of wireframe & UX journey 
  • Development: Tech development, multiple platform integration via secure API, implementation of CI/CD, centralized code repository
  • Testing: Building test cases, functional, integration & regression testing, VAPT Security Audit & UAT
  • Deployment: Live server deployment followed by data migration and launch


New tech integrations enabled the client to move beyond the then-existing limitations and restrictions to achieve a dynamic website with custom modules & enhanced user capabilities. xx% increase in lead generation xx% increase in average visit duration Reduced Costs & Improved Efficiency  Enhanced User Experience 
  • Custom modules for posting dynamic website updates by layman users not having the technical know-how
  • Interlinking of pages to improve navigation & functionality 
  • Enhanced website accessibility & usability for people with disabilities
  • Solid search capability with advanced filters
  • Hassle-free dynamic integration of economic research papers & listing across external research forums using their own platform
  • Centralized control to manage events across units
  • Enhanced data security using customized user role-based module for respective departments

Technology Stack

Adopting the whole range of new technology took the client’s business to the next level of success. #ARM created a dynamic online platform for the client using the following technologies
  • WordPress  
  • MySql
  • PHP 
  • AWS- Lightsail
  • DevOps/CI-CD 
  • GitLab
  • Basecamp
  • Ubuntu
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