Mtalkz enhances brand awareness via latest #ARM SEO trends

  Mtalkz provides high volume messaging services to its clients along with marketing automation, workflow automation, and predictive insights using AI and ML. The digital engagement and communication service company was already pulling in organic traffic, but the numbers were not satisfactory. 


Creating a robust online presence Mtalkz had an ultimate goal – to create robust online presence, drive and increase organic traffic, maximise revenue, and enhance brand awareness. And to make these goals and plans a success, Mtalkz joined hands with #ARM Worldwide. 


Strong SEO strategies leveraged for spectacular results After doing a competitor analysis, #ARM Worldwide devised strong SEO strategies keeping in mind the latest trends and updates to deliver best-in-class SEO service to Mtalkz to untap the potential that were not paid attention to.  Our team devised technical audit strategies that helped in tracking Core Web Vitals, Page loading speed, internal linking, and crawlability of the SAAS platform website. This also included performance, responsiveness and visual stability. Our Technical, Development & SEO Team had used a foolproof and aggressive approach to take the Core Web Vital score of Mtalkz to 90+, for exceptionally good user experience to the visitors. We also performed a backlinks audit to disallow all spammy backlinks. To rank the highly competitive keywords, relevant backlinks were created on the websites with Spam score less than 1-2% , DA more than 40 and high traffic. In order to have 360 degree coverage in backlinking, services like Third Party Articles, Removing Lost Backlinks and Guest Posting were offered to the client. On reviewing the old website of Mtalkz, a need for On-page SEO optimisation was identified. The ARM-SEO team performed activities like internal linking to relevant pages, and optimisation of Meta Tags such as Meta titles, descriptions and heading tags. Apart from using targeted keywords in the meta title and description, we focused on increasing the CTR by using numbers, catchy words etc in the title. It was also ensured that the website of the SAAS platform is mobile-friendly for users.  To increase online presence, we had focused on the FAQ schema strategy. FAQ schema plays a vital role in increasing the online brand presence as it provides an instant rich snippet and helps to improve the instant CTR. We had written the content around relevant and high-ranking keywords on their website’s FAQ section, so Mtalkz would become visible on the ‘people also ask’ section on Google. 

Mtalkz Case Study

Content plays a vital role in the SEO strategy. It also helps to grow traffic for the website. #ARM Worldwide ensured to deliver quality content via well planned website blogs to ensure consistency in postings, third-party articles with anchor texts and keywords, guest posts with an objective to accelerate the content for brand awareness , quora answers to increase Brand Awareness, Brand Search Awareness and Lead Generation, and blog feeding with an ultimate objective to help in ranking of the website. 


The increased numbers spoke volumes  

Overall traffic growth

Mtalkz witnessed an increase in its organic traffic by almost 260% because of its constant focussing on creating quality content, optimising the website in terms of user experience and increasing the speed leading to higher growth in organic traffic. 

Mtalkz Case Study

Brand search volume

The brand search volume witnessed a huge increase, from around 320 to 1300 in the span of 1 year and 3 months, due to content and Quora answers being published with relevant keywords embedded in it. The planned execution resulted in continuous growth in the result. We recorded 880 points in the month of March 22, 1000 points on June 22 and 1300 in the month of September’22.

Mtalkz Case Study

Keyword ranking

The SAAS platform witnessed a 720% increase in keyword rankings between 1-3 positions due to high quality backlinks and focusing on relevant content. Number of Keywords with rank 1-3 was ~20 on June 21 which shot up to ~120 in the month of May 2022.

Mtalkz Case Study

Referring domains

90% increase in Referring Domains assisted to gain organic traffic and increase keyword ranking.

Mtalkz Case Study

Core web vitals and mobile score

#ARM Worldwide technical audit strategies resulted in an increase of Mtalkz’s Core Web Vital desktop score of 100+ and a mobile score of 90+.

Mtalkz Case Study

Mtalkz Case Study

The power of SEO in leveraging B2B business models

SEO indeed is an important part of digital marketing, as it helps businesses reach the decision makers of a company. A successful SEO strategy implies that your business shows up every time a decision maker or a customer is looking for the products and services similar to what you are offering. Implementing a robust SEO strategy for your B2B business not only results in great online presence, but also in generating hefty revenues.

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