MySun teams up with #ARM Worldwide to make their products shine!

MySun is committed to revolutionising the way solar energy is perceived, bought, and sold today. Their mission is to channel solar energy to power every roof, every home, every building, and every city of India. Their pioneering online marketplace platform, together with strong engineering and technology infrastructure, delivers end-to-end solutions for all your solar needs. 

Channelling solar energy the right way

With the rise in environmental concerns and shortage of fuel sources, there has been a notable change in consumer choice trends, the best example being the rise of electric vehicles over the past decade. The solar energy market is expected to grow by USD 176.2 billion by 2027, escalating at a CAGR of 4.3% over the forecast period. The rapid innovation in the field of solar energy makes it a no-brainer as compared to traditional energy sources, as it's historically the cheapest it has ever been.  The concept of solar energy has existed for a while, however, its commercialisation for personal use is relatively new and understandably raises doubts among the population unfamiliar with it. MySun reached out to #ARM Worldwide to transform from a potential client into a satisfied customer.


MySun website lacked a product catalogue with detailed information about the various products offered by them for the customers to browse through, which hindered their decision-making process. 

Strategy devised

The #ARM Worldwide tech team had two primary focuses: improving product visibility and enhancing the customer experience. They aimed to make information easily accessible with minimal user clicks, thus improving the overall user experience. To achieve this, we revamped their entire UI/UX. We added a comprehensive glossary of all available products, allowing visitors to browse through and learn about the details. Additionally, the team incorporated various articles about solar energy, including its benefits, requirements, costs, and environmental impact, to help customers better understand solar energy and address any doubts they may have. To assist visitors further, we included a dedicated section on the website that provided state-wise policies regarding solar energy. This section aimed to provide visitors with valuable information and guidance. Moreover, the team designed a portal that provided details about nearby vendors and offered an option to request a site survey, streamlining the process for customers. Recognizing the need for a tool to help visitors choose the right solar solution, the ARM team collaborated with the MySun team to create a Solar Saving Calculator. This calculator aimed to simplify the process for visitors unfamiliar with solar energy. Initially, the team constructed a basic calculator that used the visitor's location and current monthly electricity expenditure to provide data such as the recommended system size, details about the monthly bill, environmental impact, costs, return on investment, and lifetime savings. After successfully delivering the first phase of the calculator, the team realised the importance of helping users drill down and choose from various solar solutions. To address this, we introduced advanced features to cater to this need. These features included an interactive model of the system that could be tailored according to the client's requirements, visualisations of architectural accommodation for the solar panels, toggles showing the shading effect to assist clients in planning the optimal placement while considering nearby obstructions, and information regarding the area's tariffs input by the user. Additionally, detailed financial reports were generated, including financing options such as payback period, return on investment, loan amount, etc., and these reports could be downloaded. The calculated data could be viewed with or without factoring in net metering, providing users with flexibility and customization options.  Finally, both of these calculators were merged into one to optimise the website and maximise the user experience. 


The Solar Saving Calculator emerged as the project's most significant accomplishment, propelling MySun ahead of its competitors while delivering an exceptional user experience. It revolutionised the accessibility of vital information required for adopting solar energy, making it conveniently available within just three clicks. This innovative solution successfully met the business requirements by leveraging a technology-driven approach, resulting in the creation of a robust web application that streamlined the user journey. With enhanced information accessibility, consumer retention improved significantly, leading to increased engagement and heightened consumer interest. The seamless integration of technology and user-centric design elevated MySun's position in the market, setting it apart as a leader in the industry.    

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