How National Doctor’s Day drove business of 6.5+ Cr for Bajaj FinServ



Bajaj Finserv is one of India’s most diversified financial company offering consumer durable loans, lifestyle loans, personal loans, loans against property, small business loans etc. The company also has dedicated lending options for doctors such as home loans, business loans etc.


In India, National Doctor’s Day is celebrated to show gratitude to the services delivered to the society by doctors. Bajaj Finserv wanted to honour the noble cause that doctors do for the society, by highlighting offers especially crafted for doctors. And what better way there could have been to spread the message than doing so on Doctor’s Day. However the challenge was different - reaching out to doctors isn’t an easy task, especially when digital campaigns ride on social media heavy communications. Furthermore, spreading the word around the offers was another task at hand.


Owing to the topical occasion, the best way forward for executing the campaign was to make use of social media targeting and reaching out to the target audience. We strategized to spread the worldliness about the campaign using social media channels of Bajaj Finserv and decided to engage a few social media influencers for execution as well. Engaging with social media influencers was critical in this case as it gave us a wider reach and established a direct connect with doctors. With many brands trying to use the National Doctors Day as a tool to plug-in their offerings to the digital masses, the task at hand was not an easy one. The solution - to keep key messages universal and appealing. Following this strategy helped us get the word out and noticed, which eventually attracted doctors as well. However, the motive was not only to make the campaign generic about doctor’s day but also to integrate the brand and to spread the key message around the latest bouquet of offers from Bajaj Finserv. Riding on the mantras of topical marketing and use of social media coupled with real-time marketing, our concept was to invite, capture and reflect the emotions of people on digital platforms keeping doctor’s day as the key talk point. After hours of planning and brainstorming, we prepared a campaign to promote the brand’s message and offering and decided to create an exclusive property


A good campaign not only focuses on promoting a brand’s image but also helps them to generate monetary benefits and establish authority. Our intent was no different than this. And to make the contest more intriguing and appealing we decided to run a quiz especially for doctors on Bajaj Finserv’s website. Using social media channels, we intended to drive doctors to the website where they would participate in the quiz and win exciting gifts. #ThankYouDoc was the first phase of the campaign which kickstarted on 29th June 2017 with the launch of the Doctor’s Quiz on Bajaj’s website. Quiz was open for participation from doctors on all four days and doctors were encouraged to take part in a simple quiz laced around their profession. Prizes like Samsung S8 and Amazon shopping vouchers were promised to winners to create a buzz and to attract participation from Doctors. We promoted this quiz on multiple platforms to get the attention and amplify participation. The second phase of the campaign started with #JustForYouDoc posts on social channels of Bajaj Finserv to educate doctors about the services Bajaj is targeting to provide to doctors. These posts were amplified on various social channels. Through these posts, we promoted the total offering on loans that Bajaj Finserv had on offer. The last phase of the campaign was to get the voice out and evoke public sentiments for doctors. We came up with #ThankYouDoc hashtag and showed our gratitude towards the doctors for the selfless service they are doing for mankind. We encouraged Twitter users to tweet their stories about the times when their doctors saved their life, by posting a gratitude-filled post for them.


Our team worked and executed the campaign in and out with just 48 hours of time. From creation of a landing page and to the campaign structure to make it live. We approached influencers and convinced them to share their thoughts about the campaign to create a buzz about the campaign. What came in as a double whammy was that the campaign generated a potential business of 6.5+ Cr for the brand.
Cumulative Reach of 3Lacs+
1800+ UG testimonials thanking doctors
More than 3K engagement
320+ Doctor who participated in the campaign
800 combined leads over 2 days, which is a 400% growth over BAU trend
Expected business delivery of 6.5+ Cr attributable to the liftsbrought in by the activity

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