Niva Bupa skyrockets leads amidst tough competition with #ARM Worldwide

Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company Ltd. (formerly Max Bupa) is a joint venture between Fettle Tone LLP (affiliate of True North Fund VI LLP) and Bupa Singapore Holdings. With Bupa's six decades of experience and 29 million customers across 190 countries, Niva Bupa is a leading health insurance provider committed to delivering innovative solutions and exceptional service.  

Providing generations with innovative healthcare solutions

At Niva Bupa, their vision is to become India's most admired Health Insurance Company. They aim to empower their customers with knowledge, guide them with expertise, and provide a wide range of services that instil confidence and put control back in their customers' hands. Niva Bupa is dedicated to ensuring that every moment of their customers' lives is exactly the way they want it to be.   To attain leads & to stay highlighted amidst tough competition in the healthcare insurance industry, Niva Bupa joined hands with #ARM Worldwide. 


To drive traffic to the Niva Bupa Official website with an end objective to generate leads by encouraging users to fill out their contact and email addresses to obtain first-party data.


Anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 11.55% between 2023 and 2030, the health insurance industry in India is highly competitive. With major players like  HDFC, Care Insurance, and Tata AIG standing in parallel, Niva Bupa faces stiff competition and poses a challenge in terms of outshining and capturing the audience's attention. Our foremost goal was to bring brand awareness.   Another goal for the #ARM Worldwide Media Team was to generate the targeted number of leads within a given cost-per-lead (CPL) constraint. The overall lead target was strategically split over the course of three months. 

Strategy devised

Niva Bupa's lead generation approach made use of a variety of successful techniques to boost campaign performance and generate quality leads. Using a multifaceted strategy that combined creativity and precision, #ARM Worldwide developed an approach that involves creating high conversion keywords buckets, and launching new campaigns implementing Bid Strategy optimisation, and New Responsive Search Ads implementation. Some of the effective strategies that worked include:   
  • Improving CTR and CPC Month Over Month

To enhance user engagement and overall campaign effectiveness, we focused on a strategy that encompassed several critical elements:
  • Integrated new callout and image extensions seamlessly into our campaigns, capturing user attention.
  • Regularly negated irrelevant search terms, effectively managing Costs Per Click (CPCs) while sustaining campaign performance.
  • Conducted ad copy refinements, resulting in a substantial increase in Click-Through Rates (CTRs).
  • Enhancing Ad Copies Performance

In line with their commitment to drive performance & get maximum insurance sold, #ARM Worldwide pursued keyword expansion initiatives. By identifying and incorporating new relevant keywords into their campaigns, we broadened their potential target audience and enhanced visibility among prospective customers. Here's how we achieved it:
  • Introduced per-day cost variant headlines for real-time adaptability.
  • Added campaign-relevant keywords for wider reach.
  • Utilised Dynamic Keyword Insertions for tailored ad content.
  • Paused underperforming ad copies, ensuring a majority achieved "Good" ad strength.
  • Gaining a Competitive Edge and Increasing Share of Voice (SOV)

In our relentless pursuit of outshining competitors, we executed a multi-pronged strategy aimed at securing a prominent position within our industry. To achieve this, we implemented the following key tactics:  
  • Launched call-on campaigns that tactically targeted competitor keywords head-on, and strategically ran competitor campaigns.
  • Increased budgets for campaigns which were losing Share of Voice (SOV) due to budget constraints.
  • Expanded our Target CPA range, providing Google with the flexibility required for more effective bidding on high-performing keywords.
  • Continuous Monitoring

To ensure that the target is achieved within the time frame, and given constraints, the #ARM media team undertook proactive regular monitoring of the campaign performance adapting to the course correction of strategy, budget, and implementation. The team executed multiple ad formats, such as - 
  • Lead form extensions 
  • Dynamic Search Ads 
  • Performance Max Campaigns 
  • Discovery Campaigns with the objective of remarketing

Ads with Low CTRAds with Low CTR                    


Ads with High CTRComprehensive Health Insurance


The implemented strategies yielded successful results in terms of lead generation within the desired CPL.  There was a month-on-month increase attributable to enhancements such as the addition of new callout extensions and image extensions to our campaigns, continuous improvements in ad copies leading to improved CTRs, and our persistent efforts to negate irrelevant search terms, effectively controlling CPCs while simultaneously reducing CPL.   In just 3 months we witnessed a positive trend in performance and cost efficiency.  
  • The average cost per click decreased by 5.14% demonstrating greater advertising efficiency 
  • The lead percentage increased by 2% indicating a growing interest in the product or service
  • The cost of acquisition (COA) decreased by 6%, signifying improved effectiveness in converting leads to customers. 
  • The click-through rate (CTR) improved by 1.47% indicating the efficiency of the marketing methods used.

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