Revitalizing Ashoka University’s Relationship with Professors, Students, Stakeholders & the World

Ashoka university, named after the Emperor Ashoka (c. 304 - 232 BC), is a leading Indian university known for its interdisciplinary education through undergraduate and post-graduate programs led by internationally renowned faculty. The university is a pioneer in its focus on providing a liberal education at par with the best in the world. The university has 2800+ students on campus, drawn from 28 states & over 287 cities in India, and 21 other countries.

An abode where idealism flourishes

Ashoka University aims to help students become well-rounded individuals who can think critically about issues from multiple perspectives, communicate effectively, and become leaders with a commitment to public service. Furthermore, the university’s mutually beneficial partnerships with revered global institutions facilitate faculty visits for teaching, student mobility (outbound & inbound), research collaboration, short term study opportunities, and custom programmes.  Ashoka University sought the expertise of #ARM Worldwide to create a dynamic website to be on the winning edge & focus on modernizing relationships with its professors, students, multiple stakeholders, and the world at large. 


The #ARM Worldwide tech team had to create a dynamic website, customizing the modules to structure enormous data for enhancing user experience. Additionally, the team had to manage multiple stakeholders with a different set of requirements and pain points. The #ARM tech team also had to manage and integrate data on multiple platforms. 

Strategy Devised

The #ARM Worldwide tech team promptly initiated the redevelopment of the client’s digital business engine with a focused strategy targeting increased business growth. To address the issue at hand, the tech team brainstormed and formulated a project plan using agile methodologies, including the product discovery exercise, understanding the user stories, and modules. The team ensured to streamline the processes and review the cycles for faster movement on timelines. To enhance the user experience, the #ARM tech team designed a wireframe that addresses all the issues related to UX, and commenced their journey of website creation that fulfills all the business objectives of Ashoka University. The development journey began with multiple platform integration via secure API, implementation of CI/CD, and centralized code repository. To keep the client updated during the entire project sprint, our team ensured to provide weekly updates on the progress of work and stages of deliverables. Once all the developments were accomplished, our team entered the testing case to ensure that the developed product is functioning properly, and identify any problems & resolve the same. The #ARM tech team built multiple test cases for functional, integration, & regression testing. The team also organized a VAPT Security Audit and UAT to ensure all the identified vulnerabilities from the test cases have been resolved. Once the testing was completed, our team deployed the live server, followed by data migration.


The #ARM Tech team's efforts elevated their older website into a dynamic one with custom modules and enhanced user capabilities. With the help of the new tech integrations, our team enabled the client to move beyond the then-existing limitations and restrictions. The interlinking of pages improved the navigation and functionality of the website. The search capabilities of the website were strengthened with advanced filters. Furthermore, the centralized control integrated in the website assisted the client to manage events across units. The data security was also enhanced using customized user role-based modules for the respective departments.  The enhanced user experience of the website resulted in a 62% increase in lead generation, and a 53% increase in average visit duration.

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