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With the aim of creating conversations around everything that is impacting the environment which needs to be spoken about, Revolt Motors started as a joint vision of introducing India’s first AI-enabled motorcycle. Our primary challenge was to establish a new electric automobile brand during this automotive slowdown.  Our strategy was to involve over 150 influencers from auto, tech and lifestyle domain, driving  the following conversations to build brand authority:
  • Communication around EV awareness
  • Conversations on World Environment Day
  • Creating product-centric content during the soft launch
  • Devised content with custom influencer codes to drive pre-bookings, called RV First Code
  • Experiential and performance-driven content during the first test ride
  • Product reviews to drive over 30% sales via Influencer Marketing 
Over a period of 4 months, we generated 50 YouTube videos by prominent advocates, over 13 million video views, 1 million engagement, 22 million reach and over 20,000 user-generated content. The Revolt website received 60% organic traffic through influencer-driven activities. 30% of the total sales was derived by the Influencer & content marketing activities, with more than 7% of sales tracked using Revolt Foundry custom codes. [embed][/embed]

Primary Challenge

The first challenge was to create brand awareness and change perception and stereotypes around electric vehicles and ultimately position Revolt as the first brand coming up with an electric motorcycle. All this was to be achieved through a comprehensive content marketing strategy.


The idea was to position Revolt as a driver bringing sustenance and advocacy of clean energy in the Indian automotive Industry. With a community of Key Opinion Leaders like Top YouTubers, Industry Enthusiasts, Bikers Community & Instagram Decision Drivers, we implemented a Content Marketing Strategy having an opportune mix of communication, timing, audience targeting, distribution channels (publications), amplification, seeding, and cross-promotions.


#JoinTheRevolt campaign started its journey from Delhi to create ripples across the digital universe. The core of the digital campaign execution strategy was real-time marketing, turning our content into liquid content & amplifying it over the Internet. The Execution of the campaign was done in 3 phases:


  • Introducing the Problem: #WHYtheFuel Core agenda of this drive was to create content around the awareness of the alternative of fuel & the future of electric vehicles in India. For a week before World Environment Day, 100+ influencers posted their concerns around environmental issues with a shot of witty T-Shirt Slogans on social media like WHY THE FUEL, RIP FUEL, etc. Besides this, we seeded YouTube videos talking about ‘The future of Electric Vehicles in India’.
  • Introducing the Solution: #JoinTheRevolt #JoinTheRevolt was the brand introducing the solution against #WhyTheFuel & aligning future landscape of electric motorcycle in India. It was established to make people aware of the brand and consider its motorcycle as a ‘Revolt’.
  • Mega Unveil of RV400 To hit the right impact amidst the ongoing content generated, a Mega Unveil of the product was organised where the details of the product and brand were unveiled. The event was witnessed and captured by eminent Youtubers and Instagrammers and it helped in changing people’s perception and create a vocal awareness about the brand. The product was unveiled and the influencers created real-time content which was further amplified with queries from their audiences.
  • RVFirst Code As part of the association, we created a closed group of Influencers called Revolt Foundry, since they were the advocates to talk about Revolt. To drive pre-booking of the motorcycle, a unique code was created for each influencer - the RVFirst Code. RVFirst Code was an affiliation program for the influencers as part of the gratification. Using these RVFirst Code, we drove more than 3000 pre-bookings in a months’ time.
  • Mall Activations Further, to create relevant buzz and engage with the audience, various activities were conducted which included mall activations. A set up in the mall with the motorcycle was done to attract the customers. A public stunt was pulled off where one of our Foundry members wore a racing suit with helmet in the mall, creating curiosity among the people. Later that stunt was completed by the member sitting on the Revolt motorcycle with Revolt backdrop. This stunt went viral on social media and on-ground where it was taking place.


  • To generate curiosity and keep the engagement going, the buzz was taken offline through an on-ground event. To provide the influencers with the look and feel of the motorcycle, a test ride was organised for 16 selected CAT-A Influencers where they would create experiential content about the motorcycle.
  • The test ride was kept as a pre-planned content amplification idea, where the content created by the KOLs was kept under embargo. The content was accumulated to be disseminated at the time of the launch so that the conversation floating on the internet at the time was predominated by Revolt’s experiential content.
  • Along with the pre-planned dissemination, the KOLs also created real-time content at the main launch event and engaged with their respective audiences with live coverage and real-time feature updates of the EV motorcycle. 
  • The wait was finally over and the price was revealed which was kept as a curiosity builder for the consumers and motorcycle enthusiasts all around India. 
  • To create a snowball effect and engage the audience even further, the launch of RV300 - another product along with the initial offering was launched on the same day and influencers started interacting with the content around this motorcycle - sharing specifications, their surprise over the unveil, and building the hype of the newly introduced product.
  • After the successful launch at one of the hubs of automobile enthusiasts (Delhi), we created a framework and advocate community, so that the same effect and magnitude could be replicated to other cities when the product will be launched there (later done in Pune).

Post Launch 

  • Booking links were shared with the consumers along with every content/communication shared across all social media platforms. 
  • Major online reputation management was done by the team to clear each and every doubt the consumers had regarding features, price etc, thorough KOL’s and own social platforms. 
  • The digital space was also taken offline with the showroom sales activity. Influencers drove the traffic from online bookings to the showroom by sharing pictures and clearing the air about an ongoing recession in the automobile industry.


  • 20000+ UG content created
  • More than 5300 Content Pieces Generated
  • 50+ dedicated videos with 13M+ views
  • Almost 60% of organic traffic was from the influencers posts across platforms
  • 2.44M overall website visits - 30% from influencer advocacy
  • RVFirst page under the top 5 landing pages with more than 30,000 people engaging on the website 
  • 30% of the total sales are from the activity with more than 7% via trackable UTM sources
  • Google Search Keyword takeover: EV Motorcycles’ and ‘Revolt Motorcycle’ were one of the most searched keywords during the launch. Users searching for and around ‘EV Motorcycle’ were greeted with the content for Revolt at the first page of search results

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