Revolt Motors’ drive towards success via end-to-end interface development

  Revolt Motors is the next-gen mobility company, created for the smart world. With technology at its roots and a class-apart product in the works, Revolt has introduced India’s first AI-enabled electric motorcycle without compromising on the performance or aesthetics of a regular ride.


Debuting automobiles with a bang The Indian tech market has seen a significant shift because of the country's winning combination of digital innovations. India currently boasts the fourth-largest automobile industry in the world. With nearly 0.32 million vehicles sold in 2021, the Indian EV market is likewise developing quickly. The primary motivation of the nation's automotive professionals is to debut automobiles with a bang and provide a trouble-free booking experience to their consumers. Due to the rush on the market, Revolt motors, with around 25+ showrooms in over 20 cities in India, needed a market engine at its launch of India’s first AI-enabled bike to deliver a hassle-free user experience to its customers. #ARM Worldwide aimed at making their launch a successful buying journey.


An idea to give customers a seamless buying experience To make a massive entry into the automobile market, Revolt Motors wanted to have an entire ecosystem for the launch of their motorcycles. From taking bookings to seamless delivery, Revolt Motors wanted to keep its focus on customer satisfaction.  Revolt Motors and #ARM Worldwide joined hands to solve the mobility company’s problem statement by providing a digital solution.  For delivering a smooth and seamless experience to the customers, #ARM Worldwide pitched in the idea of developing a custom build digital ecosystem for Revolt Motors that would help with the customer purchasing journey. Additional features that #ARM Worldwide incorporated in this unique ecosystem were location-based delivery tracking, integration with PAN India delivery hubs, unique subscription plans, real-time booking status update, finance integration, and strong backend support to seamlessly manage the system. Development of end-to-end interface The development journey of the end-to-end interface was a multi-faceted procedure that required extensive planning to ensure that it provides an appeasing user experience and reflects a good brand image. A robust data management system and database maintenance was the need of the hour. It was essential that the customers that have placed their deposits are allocated their slots. Customer satisfaction is a priority, and it is necessary that a seamless user experience is provided.  For this, the #ARM Tech team developed a booking system that keeps the customers in the loop about their purchase every step of the way.  Since the motorcycle was launching in different metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc in phases, the team decided on geofencing the website. We ensured that the city-specific bookings were enabled on the dates coinciding with the client’s schedule.  We also developed the payment journey and dealer allocations as per the locations and did pilot runs to ensure the execution of the application and expanded the same across PAN India. To further improve the product appeal, #ARM Worldwide suggested that Revolt provide customers with alternative financing options. After onboarding various finance companies for the same, options for purchasing through loan and EMI were incorporated in the payment gateway developed by the team for a smooth purchase.


A drive towards success With the idea successfully put into action, Revolt Motors witnessed massive bookings (more than 20,000) within the first day of the opening.  Additionally, the mobility company’s digital presence aided with a remarkable brand visibility across multiple states. The booking engine successfully promoted a smooth booking experience and on-time slot allocation which resulted in an indomitable booking rate.  Even financial transactions were observed after the establishment of a solid financial system – multiple payment options or journeys  surge in user buying experience. CSAT built a strong brand-consumer relationship. Geo-fencing enabled smooth accessibility across multiple states for the brand.

The way forward

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