Shopsy and #ARM Worldwide join hands to raise awareness on Pride Month


Flipkart - The One-stop Shopping Destination that is revolutionizing the way we all shop in India decided to launch its Seller Hub - Shopsy in 2021. An app that creates a layer of distribution between e-commerce sellers and consumers through resellers and enables a 0% commission platform for sellers 

Shopsy's #PrideMonth focused on spreading awareness about Pride month, Gender Equality and the brand.

Embracing the colours of Pride

Pride Month commemorates years of struggle for civil rights and the ongoing pursuit of equal justice under the law for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities, as well as the accomplishments of LGBTQ individuals. 

Shopsy’s #PrideMonth campaign aimed to create more awareness about “Pride Month” and show that Gender has no clothes, everyone wears whatever they feel and want to wear. 

#ARM Worldwide, in collaboration with Shopsy, decided to add colours of pride to the brands’ awareness drive and devised robust strategies to launch Shopsy’s Pride Month campaign with the support of the best influencers.

The objective of the movement

a. To create more awareness about the brand. 

b. To create awareness about gender equality and awareness on Pride Month. 


The Influencer Marketing team of #ARM Worldwide, through its extensive market research, devised a strategy to create more awareness about the brand, gender equality and awareness of Pride Month at the same time. Strategies were formulated to maximize the outreach with help of creative and genuine influencers with active and loyal followers.

#ARM Worldwide aimed to engage audiences, especially the LGBTQ community and spread awareness that clothes have no gender. The creative strategy devised by our team lay in creating brand awareness and tying up with the LGBTQ community during Pride Month. The veterans of marketing in the #ARM Worldwide team chose the Gen Z platform - Instagram to spread the word.

Our team had an extensive roster of talented and influential digital creators in contact. Leveraging the pool, #ARM created a dream team of 6 Instagram influencers with a total of over 2.3 lac followers, who would have possibly created the greatest impact to engage the audience with the brand, leveraging Pride Month. 

Reels, the entertaining and immersive short video feature on Instagram, has gained immense popularity to spread messages among the masses via short, addictive videos. #ARM Worldwide gave reels a priority for this campaign and the influencers were asked to post a reel on their Instagram accounts. 

The campaign performance was to be tracked in real-time and no metric was left unchecked. All the present and upcoming trends were accounted for before making any decisions. The data of all this content by the 6 influencers was tracked in real-time by the #ARM Worldwide team to ensure that it is reaching the target demographic, as well as monitor the trends that may arise throughout the campaign. The team was extremely capable and could reliably adapt to every unforeseen obstacle that may arise.

Results: Numbers that spoke volumes

The influencers went above and beyond, and the results showed/proved that. The yielded results were a testament to the hope that people have. The campaign on Instagram was a huge success. Thanks to the combined efforts of the Influencers and #ARM Marketing Team, the message was able to reach over 6.7 lac users.

The reels received a total of 39K+ views, garnering total views around 721K+ on a single platform Instagram. 

The power of Social Media

People spend more time online now than ever; a substantial chunk of it is on social media. A big part of this has been the gradual shift towards short-length consumable content like reels and shorts on social media platforms like Instagram. Digital content creators or influencers are the new-age celebrities and the future of marketing. With the rise in social media users, brands have leveraged social media marketing to tell their stories, engage with audiences, and educate consumers on industry trends and new products. Brands have started to use social media as a means to provide customers a way to engage with the brand in real time and stay connected with regular updates about upcoming events and promotions. 

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