10 Million+ App Installs and Tripled Users – Stashfin Soars with #ARM Worldwide’s Strategic Support

Stashfin is a leading digital lending platform that offers personal loans to consumers across India. Stashfin provides affordable financial products to borrowers in India to meet their credit needs and is among the top 5 financial services platforms. They proudly present two distinct products: Elevate and Librate. Elevate caters to the needs of small-ticket loans below Rs. 10,000, while Librate serves as a versatile option for higher loans ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 5,00,000. The firm also strives to create opportunities for borrowers with limited credit footprints to participate in the formal financial system, thereby enabling them to build their credit footprint and successfully embark on a journey of economic freedom.

The era of personal loans

The personal loans industry in India has experienced significant growth in recent years. The rise of digital lending platforms has made personal loans more accessible and convenient for consumers, and the industry has seen increased competition among lenders. Banks, NBFCs, and fintech startups all offer personal loans, and there are a wide variety of loan options available to meet different needs. With the increasing availability of digital lending platforms, it is expected that the personal loans industry in India will continue to grow in the coming years. To achieve their strategic objective of driving maximum app installs and in-app actions while targeting the right audience, Stashfin partnered with #ARM Worldwide, a marketing agency with expertise in paid media marketing.


The objective of this campaign was to : 
  • Drive maximum app installs and in-app actions.
  • Increase brand awareness and recognition.

The #ARM Worldwide Strategy

The paid media team of #ARM Worldwide worked diligently to develop a comprehensive paid media strategy to achieve their client's marketing objectives. They identified various channels that would be effective in driving maximum app installs and in-app actions, such as Google Ads, YouTube, and Discovery campaigns. By leveraging these channels, they could reach a broader audience and drive more traffic to the client's platform.


The challenge was to reduce the cost per click while increasing conversions. We implemented a single keyword ad group strategy with an exact match for the Dynamic Search Brand Campaign. This approach helped target who were more likely to convert, resulting in more app installs & in-app actions. For YouTube, we devised separate campaigns for each type of audience & used custom goals to optimize the campaign on in-app events. This approach enabled to deliver relevant ads to each audience segment & track their engagement to optimize the campaign. We targeted in-market & affinity audiences & retargeted app downloaders, ensuring that the brand reached the right people at the right time. Maintaining the CAC was a key challenge, particularly while scaling. It was crucial to ensure that the CAC remained stable or decreased despite expanding the reach & impact of marketing efforts. This required monitoring, optimization, & strategic allocation of resources to maximize efficiency & minimize the impact on the CAC as we scaled the campaigns. To drive app installs, we implemented universal app campaigns that leveraged various Google properties, including Discovery, Display, YouTube, & Search. This approach allowed to maximize visibility & reach across different channels, capturing the attention of potential users at various touchpoints. By utilizing Discovery, we could showcase the app to users while they were exploring personalized content. Display ads helped engage audiences across websites & apps. YouTube played a significant role in promoting the app through video ads, capturing user attention & fostering awareness. Search ads ensured that the app appeared prominently in relevant search results, increasing  discoverability.  We optimized our strategy by focusing on In-App Actions to meet the disbursals target. By leveraging In-App Actions, we optimized on key steps for users to take desired actions such as making purchases, signing up, or completing specific tasks. This optimization aimed to improve conversion rates & increase the overall disbursals achieved through the app, aligning efforts with the desired outcome & driving positive results.


The campaigns not only drove app installs but also raised brand awareness, leading to greater recognition and revenue for Stashfin. With the strategic thinking and hard work of the #ARM Worldwide team, Stashfin achieved its marketing objectives and became one of India's leading digital lending platforms.
  • MAU is 2.5 MN, last year it was 0.9 Million.
  • There was a 20% increment in disbursement month on month.
  • Conversion rate increased from 4%to 15%
  • Installs increased by 25% month on month.

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