Truecaller – A Blogger Outreach Case Study



Truecaller is one of the handiest application that helps consumers tackle one of the most infuriating problems we face in our everyday life i.e. spam calls. Nobody wants to receive a spam call during work hours while having dinner, or for that matter at any time of the day. Truecaller was reaching its 100 million user mark in India, thus wanted to make send out the message to the other potential consumers about the app. The challenge was to create awareness about the product and to convey their message to people. To spike conversations around the product, we decided to devise a Twitter campaign that would effectively and efficiently build the product awareness.


With the aim of creating cognizance around the app, we decided to unveil campaign in two phases. The first phase involved identifying and associating with relevant social media influencers. This was a tricky situation, as it involved layers of screening and filtering - since the messaging was about an app, not any and everybody could be associated with. We then kicked off the campaign by letting these influencers post stories around the hashtag #WeHaveAMessage. The leg involved careful examination of all social media posts that were going out of our influencer network, as we wanted to clandestine and own #WeHaveAMessage hashtag. Once there was enough buzz and curiosity around the hashtag, we rolled out the second phase of the campaign - #99NotOut and #Century4India revealing the mystery around the predecessor hashtag #WeHaveAMessage, and ultimately taking back the conversation to Truecaller.


We started off the first phase by kicking #WeHaveAMessage on social media and engaged the audience in this digital conversation. We associated with 15 top-notch tech bloggers where we used their reach to convey the message to the relevant audience and create the buzz that Truecaller is looking to announce something. We also moderated user-generated content to engage more users in the campaign. To bring more clarity and in-depth knowledge of the app’s ecosystem we conducted one-on-one interactions between bloggers and Truecaller’s product team. The second phase started with spreading the word about #99NotOut and #Century4India. A bloggers meet was organised where the associated bloggers took on their social media accounts with live coverage of the event and an array of tweets around Truecaller’s achievement. During the Twitter activity with influencer at bloggers, we unveiled another phase of the campaign. The next step was about announcing the TrueDialer feature from Truecaller. For this, we created a Twitter handle @Ciao_DumbDialer and asked our influencers to tweet about the same. To further emphasise on TrueDialer’s prowess, we roped in versatile actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui for the campaign and created a video in which he shared his story about how he picked the right call and got a chance to live his dream of becoming an actor. This messaging was consequently promoted by using #TakeTheRightCall on Twitter, which helped create awareness and brand recall for Truecaller.


  • 37.55Mn + hashtag impressions
  • 7,914 tweets
  • 50+ Stories on web
  • 20 Mn+ reach

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