SEO Excellence in Logistics: Varuna Group’s 161% Organic Traffic Growth with #ARM Worldwide

Varuna Group laid its foundation in 1996, at the threshold of a new era in the Indian logistics industry. Varuna partners with supply chain leaders to manage their end-to-end logistics operations that help them in reducing the effective landed cost of products. Challenges The supply chain and logistics industry is widely recognized as the backbone of the economy, playing a crucial role in facilitating the movement of goods and services. In India, this industry is rapidly evolving and has become one of the fastest-growing sectors, employing over 22 million individuals. However, the increasing number of logistics firms entering the market has intensified the competition, posing challenges for existing players to sustain their operations. In the era of digital transformation, where virtually everything is available online, establishing a strong online presence has become a pressing priority for industry leaders. Recognizing this need, Varuna Group made a strategic decision to partner with #ARM Worldwide, a move aimed at strengthening their position in the market.


Varuna Group had three primary objectives: to boost organic traffic, enhance its Domain Authority, and strengthen brand awareness and visibility in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 
  1. Brand awareness and visibility in SERP through the brand, business and industry keywords
  2. Boost organic traffic to the website
  3. Improve the domain authority
  4. Increase the link collaboration (backlinks)
With the ever-growing importance of online presence, Varuna Group recognized the need to optimise its digital footprint. By focusing on increasing organic traffic, the company aimed to attract more visitors to its website through organic search engine results. Improving Domain Authority was another crucial goal, as it would contribute to the overall credibility and visibility of the Varuna Group's website.  Lastly, by enhancing brand awareness and presence in SERPs, Varuna Group sought to establish itself as a prominent player in the industry, ensuring its brand remained visible to a broader audience and driving greater engagement and business opportunities.  Through strategic planning and implementation, Varuna Group was determined to achieve these three key objectives and secure a stronger position in the market.

The #ARM Worldwide solution

The SEO team at #ARM Worldwide conducted a comprehensive competitor analysis to gain insights into the market positioning of Varuna Group in relation to its competitors. Additionally, we conducted a SWOT analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats faced by Varuna Group. Drawing from this analysis, #ARM Worldwide devised robust Search Engine Optimization strategies that took into account the latest trends and updates in the industry.  In Q1, Varuna Group faced a significant challenge in attracting organic traffic from their target audience, the logistics and warehousing sector, due to an inadequate number of relevant keywords. To address this, #ARM Worldwide developed robust On-page and Off-page SEO strategies to focus on optimising various aspects, including meta tags, page speed, website blogs, technical suggestions Through this holistic approach, we aimed to address the challenges faced by Varuna Group and position them for success in the competitive logistics and warehousing sector.  The keyword ranking for Varuna Group faced challenges as their backlink efforts were not sufficient. To address this issue, we focused on website blogs and third-party articles (TPAs) to optimise keyword usage and improve search engine visibility. Additionally, we leveraged Quora as a platform for optimization, actively participating in relevant discussions and providing valuable insights with strategically placed keywords.These efforts began and intensified in Q2, with a dedicated focus on improving keyword ranking through backlink building and strategic content optimization.  In the Q3, focus was on optimising website content, undertook the task of rephrasing and enhancing the content for nine new location-based webpages. We infused targeted texts and keywords strategically throughout the content. By carefully integrating relevant keywords onto the website’s copy. By fine-tuning the language and structure of these pages, we aimed to make them more engaging and informative for visitors, ultimately boosting their organic ranking and attracting targeted traffic. In the Q4, team implemented local Search Engine Optimization tactics targeting different cities in India through a new set of location-specific keywords. They suggested creating  industry-specific pages to establish Varuna Group as an authoritative player in the logistics and warehousing sector. By incorporating these location based keywords into their content of the new industry pages and optimization of other on-page components, we improved their ranking and visibility around the location keywords of these newly added cities on the website. In addition to this, provided UI/UXsuggestions to enhance the user experience. This involved recommendations for font selection, image placement, and other design elements that would improve the visual appeal and usability of the website.  Lastly, we provided suggestions for additional web pages to enhance the website's value and user experience. These suggestions were based on identifying content gaps and opportunities for further optimization and expansion. By implementing these strategies and suggestions in the fourth quarter, Varuna Group could enhance its website's performance, user experience, and SERP visibility.


Through meticulous research and diligent execution of our strategic plans, the #ARM Worldwide team successfully accomplished all the predetermined targets. As a result, the number of organic keywords associated with Varuna Group expanded significantly, reaching an impressive count of 1.4K. Moreover, their keyword coverage has been significantly enhanced, encompassing a comprehensive range of 50-60 targeted keywords securing a prominent position on the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  The website's organic traffic experienced a remarkable growth of 161.31% over the course of 12 months. This substantial increase indicates the successful implementation of our SEO strategies, which effectively attracted a larger audience to the website and generated higher engagement. Furthermore, the referring domains to the website exhibited an exceptional surge of 1200% and in-terms of backlink improvement it was around 110%. within the span of 12 months. This substantial growth in referring domains and backlink count  demonstrates the successful cultivation of a robust network of backlinks, amplifying Varuna Group's online presence and expanding their reach to a wider audience.

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