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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a significant shift in the online shopping behaviour of consumers. As more and more of them get well-acquainted with the digital environment, E-commerce businesses are trying to develop fresher strategies to attract, engage, and retain their target audience and give them an immersive online shopping experience. Businesses must adopt these new methods because the said change is expected to last years as the economy continues to recover from the pandemic after-effects.

To give you a headstart, here are five E-commerce tactics for 2021 that you must make use of to ensure quicker checkout rates and drive those big sales numbers.

Retain before acquiring

Having a well-defined customer retention strategy in place holds vital importance for E-commerce businesses. Due to excessive digitalisation throughout the pandemic, the E-commerce sector is getting a lot of new customers. Since consumers are becoming more mobile-friendly, it would be smart to run SMS marketing campaigns. As per a survey, less than 15% of businesses use this method, which is why using this method might give your business an edge over the competition. 

Efforts should be put into introducing a greater variety of customer loyalty and reward programs as this pushes customers to make a higher number of purchases to avail premium benefits and discounts. Further, including a dashboard for customers irrespective of whether they are members of your E-commerce website or not will enable them to track their purchases and give them an incentive to return for repeat purchases. 

Illustrate to demonstrate

Visuals have always been big on grabbing attention, be it through an image, a GIF, or a video. This aspect should be taken full advantage of as it will help generate website traffic and get more leads in the process. Consumers love visual demonstrations as it provides a holistic view of the product or service being offered. UGC or user-generated content should be used more aggressively to increase promotions and boost sales, improving both the brand and the customer journey.

Videos end up having higher ranks on Google, which is why they must be a go-to for marketing a product or a service. Sponsorships gather a higher number of views as well. Businesses should try and tell their brand stories via customer testimonials as their first-hand experience makes the brand sound reliable and trustworthy.

Go all out on holidays

Holiday sales usually garner a lot of success as consumers tend to make more purchases on these days since they can make the time to indulge properly in shopping. This opportunity should definitely be used in the online space to convert these shoppers into loyal customers. Businesses should personalise their websites as much as possible and give lucrative and customised offers on every landing page to drive impulse marketing. 

A separate category should be included for holiday sales, and the website navigation should be made smoother, especially during this time, to ensure that the customers do not get stuck on any page. Focusing on bundling and complementary offers on holidays will make the customers feel like they are getting value for their money which will further help make profits.

FOMO your way into sales

FOMOing is an excellent tactic that businesses can use to ensure faster checkouts and make the consumers feel like they have gotten a fantastic deal. This helps in brand development and also pulls in the crowd by the minute. Businesses can try a few interesting tactics here. They should apply time limits on offers to create a sense of urgency so that the consumers act on it before the offer runs out. 

Missed offers and opportunities should be mentioned at regular intervals during the customer visits to ensure revisits, and this process will also help with cross-sales.  Showing real-time purchases of other customers will help your customers move past their dilemma of buying or not buying a product. This will make the customers trust your brand more and will help in increasing business revenue.

Work up on sales promotion

For customers, discounts, deals, and coupons play a crucial role in their shopping – online or otherwise. Data reveals that around 92% of customers eagerly look forward to promotional deals, and these offers act as critical drivers for bulk purchases. Businesses should try and include customised discount offers in exit-intent pop-ups as this will ensure that consumers do not exit the website. These pop-ups will keep them engaged and also help with sales.

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To promote healthy sales and maintain SKUs, product-based discounts should be offered at regular intervals. This can be done on the basis of the requirement – whether there is a declining need for a product or the promotion of a new one. Further, value-added discounts like free shipping or an extra gift with the purchase should be given. This comes across as a token of appreciation on the brand’s behalf and helps create a good brand perception.

Changes in the E-commerce market and consumer behaviour are here to stay due to the sheer convenience of getting reasonable offers from the comfort of one’s home. Consumers have begun to understand the advantages of E-commerce, which is why brands should start prioritising their digital experiences. It will ensure that their offerings are the best in the market.

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