How live streaming changes the course of Influencer marketing ?



Influencer marketing is a force to be reckoned with today. Brands are rapidly adopting this means of marketing to reach out to their target audience and engage with them. While some companies are following the usual method for reaching out to the highly engaged online audience, others are trying to fine-tune their influencer marketing strategies as per the latest trends to cash in on influencers and their vast popularity. 

Live videos have recently boomed the digital media industry. According to reports, nearly 80% of audiences prefer watching live videos from brands over reading blogs. Brands have also started to hop on the live-streaming bandwagon to stay ahead of the competition and reach a wider audience. As per sources, around 70% of B2B businesses using live streaming report positive results in their ROI. And this number will continue to grow. 

Here are some fascinating ways live streaming is shaping the face of influencer marketing campaigns. 

Makes influencers more accessible to the audience

The live-streaming form allows audiences to directly engage with popular influencers. It makes the audience feel like they are peers and not just followers of the influencers. There exists an undeniable thrill within the audience when they get a response from their favourite influencer or celebrity. This sense of excitement merely amplifies when followers get a live reaction to their questions. It gives a face and voice to the content that is lacking in the written forms of marketing. 

Builds trust with the viewers 

Live video streaming provides transparency between the influencers and the audience. Their voice rings truer during the live streaming than in a blog post, which results in increased influencer engagement and open conversations. If you’re looking for a compelling way to build trust with your audience, live video is for you. Some examples of building trust with viewers during live streaming are offering a behind the scenes at your offices and production facilities, inviting industry influencers to interview some of your employees in live conversations with audience questions and comments, and more.

Allows content creation with quantitative ROI

Influencer marketing ROI is often difficult to measure. However, live streaming is one area where you can get measurable results that provide valuable information for designing future campaigns. This technique is highly engaging with viewers, attracting a much larger audience than traditional online video. You can watch their Facebook Live videos at three times the length of their recorded videos. Businesses can leverage powerful influencers and live videos to reach audiences across industries.

Provides an affordable way to add videos to marketing campaigns

Professionally produced videos can be incredibly expensive. Even the DIY approach videos require time and video editing software. Editing a 3-minute video takes around 3 hours, but a 30-minute live stream only takes 30 minutes, plus prep time. These two factors are one of the reasons why influencers love live streaming so much. All you need is a stable internet connection and a quality smartphone to stream videos live. After the live stream ends, you can save the recording and reuse it as a video for your marketing campaign.


Live video is a powerful medium that can be used in any influencer marketing strategy. Adding influencers to the mix makes your posts more impactful. By including authentic names and faces in your live videos, you can reach your audience in the most relatable way.

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