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Every marketer in the current, technically-advanced and dynamic business world knows the value of the right SEO strategies. Its relevance has only increased over the years, making it the buzzword of the year. Though business owners prioritize optimization and aim to create incredible strategies, they fail to understand the proper implementation means. They understand the need to do it but don’t always know the best ways to avail themselves of its benefits. This increases tenfold when search engines keep evolving and updating their algorithms and ranking protocols frequently.

To attain desired results, it is critical to understand the nitty-gritty of search engine optimization and how you can revamp your website to rank better. 

Understanding Keyword-SEO and Technical SEO

When you think of SEO, keywords are the first thing that pops in your head, and it is only fair as keywords make a considerable part of it. However, over the years, SEO has evolved, and now search engines look for quality over quantity. Therefore, only stuffing your webpage with keyword-rich content will not suffice to rank on SERP anymore. 

This is where technical SEO comes into the picture. With security and content presentation playing a big role in Google ranking, laying a greater emphasis on the technical part of the website has increased significantly. To define technical SEO most easily, you can consider it as any web page optimization that does not involve content but improves content when performed prudently. 

Creating a Technical SEO Strategy

The first and foremost step in any planning or strategy making is understanding where you are and where you want to be. Therefore, conducting an SEO audit using tools like Google Search Console is of utmost significance. The primary agenda behind this is to create a list of activities that will have a greater impact in a shorter period. 

Having figured out the gap between your current SEO and the optimization results you aim to achieve, here’s how you should begin your technical SEO:

1. Apply Secure Sockets Layer

It is a security protocol employed to create encrypted links between a server and browser for their online communication. When your website is not secure, visitors know they might enter a risky situation, leading to your website losing potential customers. Therefore, you should install a security certificate on the web domain and migrate the website to HTTPS to mitigate this.

2. Increase Website Speed

It is no surprise that users abandon websites that load slowly. While website speed is a ranking factor for search engines, it also reduces bounce rate and increases the chances of more traffic. The easiest means to increase site speed include compressing and optimizing heavy images and files, browser caching, using CDNs, eliminating unused scripts & codes, decreasing HTTP requests, etc. 

3. Remove Broken Links and Pages

You all have at least once visited a web page with 404 errors. It only means that the website links with pages that do not exist. Broken pages don’t allow Google to crawl them, reducing the ranking. Such pages/links occur when you originally had a different URL for a web page. To eliminate this, you should set up a 301 redirect, helping users to navigate from the old page to the new one. 

4. Remove Duplicacy

When your website has duplicate content, it confuses the search engine in determining which page to rank first, leading to your ranking falling. The obvious solution is to find the repetitive content (usually using tools) and replace them with unique and compelling, high-quality content that provides a good user experience and is search engine-friendly. 

5. Create an XML Sitemap

Having implemented SSL onto your website, removing broken pages, and other technical SEO tactics mentioned above, the next step is to inform Google about your improved online face. Of course, the search will know of it eventually, but manually submitting your newly updated sitemap expedites the process. In addition, the updated sitemap will tell the search engine all about the most important pages on your website.

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