T-Shaped Mindset

Every learner builds a unique, personalized T- Profile with relevant skill block.

From conquering new technologies at home to remotely overseeing sales relationships and collaborating virtually with coworkers, the demand for upskilling employees is only increasing.

What Does the T-shape Represent?

T-shaped thinking is a design methodology for problem-solving. It accelerates the growth of an organization as a whole through skill-building and development. With the proper support and guidance, everyone has the potential to grow and become more T-shaped.

A T-shaped individual is a subject-matter expert in at least one classification, knowledgeable or skilled in several others. The vertical bar on the T-shaped model represents the depth of one’s skills and expertise in a single field. In contrast, the horizontal bar is their breadth or ability to collaborate across specializations with experts in other areas and apply knowledge to areas beyond their primary field.

How it helps us at #ARM?

T-shaped efforts at the professional level deepen an organization’s collective cultural competency and contribute to its collective mindfulness. T-shaped people hold cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, and creativity, making themselves indispensable.

Structured and precise management mixed with the formation of technology management creates values from corporate entrepreneurship into lead performance. Those with T-shaped skills retain both the knowledge of the discipline and the ability to cooperate with others to function as a team.

At #ARM, we regularly update the assessment of skills required to support businesses and continually expand the content and resources available to develop those skills. The employees are constantly learning as they work, thus expanding both the depth and breadth of their T-shaped skills profile

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