Tech Trends to Watch Closely in 2023



In this age of digitalisation, the world is shifting toward virtual experiences, creating more possibilities for user involvement. In 2023, new trends will emerge that will transform consumer experiences, daily advance tasks, forecast hazards, and — most importantly — improve customer security. These future tech trends will help your business grow and stay ahead of competitors. So, to stay on top, check out the most effective tech trends 2023:

Applied Observability

The applied use of observable data in a planned manner across business functions and operations helps drive better, faster, and more consistent business decisions. Furthermore, since observable data is catalogued, engineered and layered according to business perspective, it can thus result in both active and passive metadata that can help businesses in making valuable decisions.

With applied observability, your organisation can increase its speed and optimise business performance in real time. Studies reveal that by 2026, 70% of organisations relying on applying observability will be able to achieve shorter latency for decision-making and will enjoy the benefits of competitive advantage. 

Digital Immune System

Data breaches and other digital threats can raise serious concerns and hamper the growth of the business. A Digital Immune System offers virus protection advantages to businesses and makes the application more resilient. To enhance UX and positively impact the organisations’ performance by offering protection against operational and security risks, the Digital Immune System (DIS) holds a combination of software design, development, observability, automation, operations, extreme testing, and analytical technologies.

DIS provides corporate customers with intelligent tools that can help the system keep running without interruption during peak performance. As a result, organisations investing in Digital Immune Systems can decrease their downtime by 80% and increase their customer satisfaction.

Edge Computing

Edge computing is a computing paradigm bringing enterprise apps close to the data sources like IoT or local edge servers. It helps in processing data at a more incredible speed and enables greater action-led results. With edge computing and 5G, businesses can enable faster and more comprehensive data analysis, create insights, increase response times, and improve customer experiences.

Utilising edge computing helps make the business functions more proactive and adaptive in real-time, thus ensuring optimised experiences for people. As a result, the edge computing trend is creating various job opportunities that benefit both businesses and the global economy. According to reports, by 2023, the global edge computing market is expected to reach $6.72 billion.

Super Apps

In this growing digital era, super apps have gained huge popularity since they offer mobile-first experiences that are powerful and easy to use. Super app users can create personalised User Experiences (UX) by selecting and installing their chosen mini-apps. These apps will eventually expand to support Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, chatbots, and immersive experiences like the metaverse.

The super apps can help businesses to attain economies of scale, leverage and use the network effect of a larger user base and multiple mini-app teams. According to the predictions by Gartner, by 2027, more than 50% of the global population will be daily active users of multiple super apps.

Robots will Become More Human

Performing a repetitive task can be exhausting and time-consuming. Passing these tasks to bots that function like humans will free up agent time so that they can concentrate on more complex tasks. Automating business processes like interpreting applications, processing transactions, handling data, or even responding to emails through bots saves costs, increases profitability, and has a lower probability of error.

Robots can work effectively in an environment that may be unsafe for humans, like in areas of high radiation or freezer warehouses. In the lights-out warehouses, robots can ensure increased productivity, efficiency, quality, and consistency of work. Consumer robotics is gaining huge popularity after tech incumbents like Amazon, Google, and Dyson have made notable moves. As per CB Insights’ Industry Analyst Consensus, the consumer robots market is estimated to be worth $ 22B.

These top tech trends offer encouraging possibilities both now and for the foreseeable future, despite the fact that technologies are unravelling and changing all around us. Staying on top of these cutting-edge latest tech trends of 2023 for business is no longer optional as digital transformation becomes an increasingly crucial component of success for organisations trying to compete in the global marketplace. Let’s hope the ensuing innovation benefits businesses and individuals worldwide!

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