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An SEO report is a crucial document that demonstrates the progress of a campaign and illustrates the ROI. While SEO service providers in India devote a lot of time and effort to devise the right SEO strategy, they sometimes tend to overlook the report. 

SEO reports hold great importance, especially when you have to assess the effectiveness of a strategy and communicate the impact of your SEO efforts to the stakeholders. However, only a carefully drafted and well-presented SEO report is able to make a mark. Let us see in detail what makes a good SEO report. 

Drafting a Good SEO Report

Right Metrics and KPIs

There are a plethora of trackable metrics, all of which you cannot include in your SEO report. Therefore, it is important to decide the most appropriate and important metrics that would reflect your SEO progress closely. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing the best metrics. You have to keep the audience and the purpose of your SEO strategy in mind while selecting the metrics and KPIs. The metrics you choose for the report should communicate if the goals are being met or not. Some common metrics that almost all businesses use are traffic, conversion rate, keyword performance, engagement, etc. 

Simple and Concise Communication

Just like any other industry, SEO has its own practitioner language. There could be words and metrics that are very comprehensive to you but are indecipherable to your clients. Therefore, it is important to take the time to define and clarify the data and its meanings in reports. As a professional SEO service company in India, you must use analogies and examples to make the data understandable to the end-user. For instance, you can explain inbound links as the vote of support from other websites instead of explaining the complex procedure of backlinking. 

Comprehensive Data Representation

One of the most important things to keep in mind while preparing an SEO report is to present the data in a comprehensive, fun, and snackable form. Even the significance of the best data can be diluted if it is presented through complex numbers. Leverage visual representation tools such as charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, etc., to communicate metrics clearly, accurately, and impressively.  For comparisons, you can use bar charts, graphs, etc.; for showing parts of a whole, you can use pie charts, and for showing progress, line charts are the best. 

Meaningful Insights

The end users of the SEO report may find it difficult to assess the progress just by looking at the numbers in isolation. Therefore, it is important to club insights with metrics to make the entire data more comprehensive and meaningful to the client. The insights give the client or the management a clear path to devise a future plan of action based on the report. For instance, instead of plainly stating the high bounce rate, you can mention the impact, causes, and how it can be fixed. 

Tactful Segmentation

Since SEO covers so many different aspects of a website, it may get very overwhelming to present all the progress on a single page. By grouping the different data into clearly defined segments, you can make the presentation more appealing and easy to decipher. For instance, you can categorise performance data:
1. On the basis of content type (e.g. blog pages vs landing pages),
2. On the basis of the audience (e.g. U.S. vs Canada), or
3. On the basis of goal (e.g. informational pages vs sales pages). 

Connect SEO Success with Business Success

In this present era of digital marketing, SEO has become the life and blood of online businesses.  You just cannot avoid it if you wish to stay relevant and grow in the industry. Since SEO forms such an integral part of the overall marketing strategy, it is crucial to connect it with the success of the business. You will have to connect the SEO metrics with the business’s success to get a clear picture of the progress.

At #ARM Worldwide, we decode the metrics in terms of the business objectives so that you can assess the progress yourself. If you are looking for the best SEO service provider in India, ARM could be a smart choice!

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