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Don’t let the glut of data blind you. Identify and choose wisely where you want to invest your time and money. Here are the latest digital updates from this week.

Up your digital game

1. Use Proximity Beacons: Users can receive marketing messages on their devices tied to their geo-location.
2. Derive Practical Value From Data: Don’t let the gulf in the volume of data confuse you. Systematically generate the value of data by implementing practical data recombination and workflow activities.
3. Integrate Conversational Commerce & Chatbots: Chatbots enable the brands to fill the gaps within your business coverage and provide a ‘24X7 available’ face to your organization.

SaaS preferred over single-vendor stack

1. As a new generation of SaaS vendors evolved, IT lost most of its control over software choices.
2. With freemium models and low-cost subscriptions, employees and teams could now buy the best suited tools for the job instead of buying software from a single shop.
3. This change worked best for enterprise start-ups. This proves that a well-executed idea can beat an incumbent with a similar product when you put users first.

Keep a check on competitors & up your organic game

1. Google It: Search for your competitor’s URL with “site:” in front of it. Click on the ‘Tools’ button once the search appears. You can select the time period and check the frequency of your competitor’s posts on their website.
2. Back-up with backlinks: Under backlink column press ‘View All’ and approach the websites linked to your competitor. Ask them to replace the content with your expanded and updated version.
3. WordPress Sitemap: Check if your competitor’s website is on WordPress, using Yoast plugin. Yoast has the same URL structure for every sitemap which can help you quickly uncover pages and categories a site uses.

TikTok steals the spotlight at NBA all-star game

1. TikTok star Jalaiah Harmon showed her ‘Renegade’ dance moves to the world during a break in Sunday night’s game.
2. Harmon stole the spotlight at the star-studded night and made everyone swing with her. This makes neglecting the followership of social influencers impossible.
3. The event should be seen as a great example of how modern-age influencers are overpowering the influence of traditional celebrities.

Brands caught up in Love

1. The Man Company’s #ForAllKindsOfLove video campaign highlights the various insecurities men experience and emphasizes that each one of them deserves to be loved.
2. Edelweiss Tokyo Life Insurance takes the topicality beyond love with its #ZindagiUnlimited campaign, motivating the audience to give their hearts (read: organs), quite literally, to the ones who need them the most.
3. Parle-G asked Tinder India to set it up on a date and Tinder India matched it with Chaayos. Cross-brand banters like this are highly popular among millenials.

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