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Breaking down the emerging trends of the week as we start a new month.

Twitter & LinkedIn Launching Stories

  • LinkedIn has been testing LinkedIn stories internally, they will be rolling out the beta version to the users in the coming months. This format will be coming to the users first then it will be rolled out to business profiles.
  • Twitter announced a new sharing format called ‘Fleets’.Fleets will be rolled out in Brazil for IOS and Android users for beta testing.

Snapchat to bring the Olympics to mobile generation

  • Snapchat is going for gold with its Olympics coverage which will include curated Stories, behind-the-scenes footage, Snaps from athletes and much more.
  • This would be Snapchat’s third partnership with NBC Olympics, following on collaborations for the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.
  • For younger generations who may not be willing to catch the Olympics on television, Snapchat is offering a viable, and fun alternative way to watch the action.

Marketing Predictions To Look Out For

  • Big-Data: It’s hard to optimise your digital marketing efforts without using insights and analytics. Data-driven marketing is inevitable to make decisions involving less risk and an enviable increase in revenue.
  • Realistic Storytelling: Digital marketing is perceived as unrealistic and it needs to be changed. The audience wants to see rawness and, therefore, marketers have to provide it.
  • Pansexual Marketing: Have more gender-neutral approach. Extend your TG & move away from the risk of offending a person by depicting them in a stereotypical gender role.

home renovation brands entering the digital age

  • Block Renovation: Offers tech-enabled solutions necessary when renovating bathrooms and kitchens and advertises primarily on social media.
  • Remodelmate And Sweeten: Use machine learning to match customers’ renovation projects with the right general contractors (GC).
  • Havenly: Launched an advertising campaign called “Design & Chill” with Bobby Berk (2.5+ M followers on Instagram) explaining the service Havenly provides in a series of funny commercial spots.

Tesco #SkinTonePlasters marketing campaign

  • To better represent the diverse range of ethnicities in this country, Tesco has created its own brand plasters which are available in shades like gentle, medium and dark.
  • From deep discounts delivered by email on birthdays to print campaigns delivered directly to the door, customization is key in the new world of marketing.
  • The wellness Director of Tesco, Nicola Robinson mentioned, ” As one of many largest retailers within the UK, we perceive that we have a duty to make sure our merchandise mirror the range of our clients and colleagues.”

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