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Technology evolves at a very fast pace, which is why it can often get challenging to keep up with the daily trends and developments in the digital scenario. Read this article and get a quick round up about the new trends that happened this week.

Roll out of direct message on Instagram through desktop

  1. We will now be able to access Instagram DMs on our web screens.
  2. Only a small number of users will be given access, because the feature is still in its experimental stage.
  3. Facebook intends to connect the messaging system by creating a coordinated service for all.

Apple’s Chinese New Year ad

  1. The ad focuses on the three generations of women in a family. It is shot with Apple’s 4K technology on iphone 11 Pro.
  2. The story is called “Daughter” and is inspired by a woman who went against cultural norms to raise her daughter.
  3. Apple has also launched a behind the scenes video to teach professional quality film video making.

Design trends

  1. Breaking typography rules: This should be done in a way that it does not hurt text readability.
  2. Liquid animation- An animation that seems water-like and has the perfect speed of movement.
  3. Audio user experiences: using sound to enhance the quality of the user journeys. It is best used in designs where there is a language barrier.

Google ad simulator support

  1. Bid simulators are essential for comprehending the performance of ads at different levels.
  2. Google Ads have introduced a new simulator, the Target ROAS bid simulator. It reflects on the relationship between a ROAS target and your key metrics.
  3. The projected impact will be based on the auctioned data from the past seven days.

Platforms taking a step towards combating misinformation

  1. Tiktok is actively working on a new feature which will pull out deep fakes from its app.
  2. Tumblr has announced an initiative to teach users about suspicious web activity. The program is called “World Wide What”.
  3. Reddit updates its policy on impersonation, which includes malicious deep fakes of politicians.

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