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Extend your digital success by staying on top of all the significant trends that can make a difference in your next strategy. Regardless of which platform you use, it is crucial to target your audience with updated measures and strategies.

Here’s the digital week in a review.

Voice technology, 5G and niche communities

  1. Voice technology for conversational AI is all set to evolve and take up the digital space.
  2. 5G is expected to bring advancement in the world of entertainment, which will set forth a ground for brands and users to engage more.
  3. Dirty Lemon, Glossier and Taco Bell are ranked as the three most significant online communities by Zyper, a peer-to-peer marketing platform.

Trends in SEO

  1. Zero click searches are gaining prominence in 2020, which is why featured snippets are expected to rise.
  2. E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) score will continue to matter when it comes to SEO ranking.
  3. Use schema markup to highlight the elements on your site with various ‘tags’, thus telling search engines what these elements are.

Snapchat’s deal with NBC

  1. The deal with Snapchat will provide NBC an access to younger audience, while Snapchat will get a chance to entertain its audience with exclusive content.
  2. The 2020 Olympics partnerships includes 4 Snapchat programmes which are originally produced by NBC.
  3. Two of the shows will be showcased in real time, while NBC plans to produce more than 70 episodes for Snapchat.

Authenticity over ideal deception of self through Instagram filters

  1. The AR improvements have resulted in a reduction of likes because people are more inclined towards authentic content.
  2. Adding filters on Instagram stories has also shown a negative impact on an individual’s confidence.
  3. Instagram is expected to roll out a filter to block the posting of highly edited images.

Tiktok overtakes Facebook

  1. Tiktok and its Chinese alternative Douyin gathered 740 million downloads last year and now becomes the second most downloaded app after Whatsapp.
  2. Short video content came in the trend because of Tik Tok.
  3. The only restrictions faced by this platform is monetization challenges and resistance shown by US lawmakers over privacy and security issues.

Emoji reactions for DMs on Twitter

  1. A user can now share a simple emoji response to any message within a thread on Twitter.
  2. To add a reaction, one needs to double tap on the message and pick an emoji from the pop-up. The feature also has an undo option via which the message can be deleted.
  3. This feature will help Twitter increase the engagement level and make the conversations interactive.

Methods to work on B2B campaigns

  1. This year B2B strategies should have more user-generated content because it has more influence on the buying decision of the consumers than email campaigns and search engines results.
  2. Industry influencer marketers are more likely to increase returns than traditional forms of marketing.
  3. 71% of the consumers are interested to be a part of loyalty programs that offer discounts or free products.

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