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Breaking down the essential emerging trends of the week as we step into a new month, with new digital strategies and content plans to look forward to. Here’s what happened this week #InDigital

New feature updates:

1) Google Dataset Search- This tool is useful for all those who require in-depth and quality information to support their research.

2) Employee notification option on LinkedIn – This option is for company page admins to let the employees know about business updates and prompt them to re-share the content.

3) LinkedIn brings Elevate and its company pages together – LinkedIn Elevate’s core functionality will be available in pages by December 2020.

New AR try-on feature on Pinterest:

1) Pinterest is all set to launch its new AR feature for users to try on lipstick shades, and see which one looks the best on them.

2) The platform will have a “try it” button which will directly open a reverse facing camera, for the audience to choose the colour shade from the slider.

3) As per the users choice of shades, Pinterest will then show relevant product pins for purchase.

Valuable insights

1) Value-based marketing – Around 50% of millennials expect brands to take up their stand on existing social issues and thus, show involvement and concern.

2) Come back of brand awareness – Branded keywords have double conversion rates as compared to non-banded terms.

3) Personalisation to humanisation – 53% of business leaders agreed that they were ready to pay more for personalised recommendations and services as opposed to generic.

UI/UX Design trends:

1) Typographic overlap – To help retain lines that stand out.

2) Spotlight on key elements – Empty space so that multiple elements do not fight for attention.

3) Low-key gradients – Visual elements that are subtle and simple with a diluted colour scheme are set to rise in 2020.

Important platform queries addressed by Instagram:

1) The type of page we access (business or personal accounts) does not have an impact on the ranking of posts which is why there is no favouritism to the content shared by business accounts.

2) Comments, reshares, likes and views are the most crucial engagement metrics for feed ranking.

3) Instagram feed ranking does not recommend videos or photos. Every individual has a customised feed, which is why the content type is based on the conditioned behaviour of the user on the platform.

“Change is a Team Sport” campaign by Adidas:

1) The short film highlights the brand’s Superstar shoe and its legacy.

2) Adidas celebrates 50 years of the iconic sneaker by showcasing creators from varied professions, and generations who come together wearing Superstar
sneakers, and display teamwork as the driving factor to bring about change in the world.

3) The film is directed and starred by Johan Hill who released a cryptic Instagram post that announces his partnership with the brand.

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