Top 3 Technologies That Are Making Marketing More impactful



Over the past few years, technology has hugely impacted how businesses interact with consumers. Ever since the advent of online marketing, there has been a constant endeavour to give it a more humane approach. For instance, by adopting traditional marketing methods like advertising in newspapers, marketers just shout out their message to their users, and it becomes a one-sided communication. Customers today are empowered with knowledge, and marketers should change their strategy of indulging in continuous cold-calling to their customers, to become facilitators in finding the solution to their problems.

Here are 3 technologies that customises marketing efforts for each user, and gives it a more humane approach :

The market for voice recognition technology (like voice search and personal assistants) and visual interface is growing at a rapid pace. And with its increasing accuracy, more and more people are using voice search. Google reported that 20% of its mobile queries were done through voice search in 2016.

A remarkable innovation in this aspect has been Amazon’s Alexa, which is an intelligent personal assistant designed by Amazon. It is a voice-activated software, which – apart from having the capability to perform all the regular tasks which other personal assistants can perform – has gone a step further by adding skills which basically function like apps on a smartphone. Google’s also launched a competing product, called Google Home, which has similar function called “actions”.

  • Advanced Content Creation Tools

In today’s content-driven digital age, delivering excellent content has become the top priority for the marketers. To drive more traffic to their sites, marketers need to create content which the customers find relevant and provides a viable solution to what they are looking for. There are many content creation tools available in the market today such as Google Drive’s “Research” tool, Google’s “site:search” command, etc. But these tools only assist a content writer to do research for his content, and do not perform any other additional functions.

With the rapid advancement of technology, we can expect various online and offline advanced content creation tools which would develop several futuristic features such as brainstorming, topic generation, content tweaking, content creation, proofreading and plagiarism checking.

Like the various automation tools available today, that perform the function of automating various routine marketing tasks which a marketer does, these advanced content creation tools work in a similar manner to help automate the content creation function to a great extent.

  • Rise of Visual Medium in Content Strategies

The content of a page can be best communicated to a user through a visual medium such as infographics, data charts, images, videos, etc. Currently, many companies are using the visual medium to communicate their message to their users.

The various methods of visual storytelling, especially infographics, will be on the rise in the future as well. Infographics will be the most important medium to disseminate content to the users, and will be used extensively by marketers in their content marketing strategy.

These are some of the emerging tech trends which are becoming popular among the marketers, and will become more advanced and used more extensively in the future. These trends give a more humane touch to marketing by focusing on building a level of affinity and trust with potential customers, and developing the relationship between the business and customers. Going by its rising popularity, these trends are here to stay, and will bring a win-win situation for both marketers and customers.

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