6 Ways How CMO's Can Achieve Implementation of Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies



Many businesses understand the need of having a digital presence. But understanding the challenges of reaching out to target customers through a Facebook page or a website has its own set of challenges. Consumers online are looking for content that could amuse them or add value to what they’re seeking. Therefore, integrated digital marketing creates a strong, unified presence and positioning for your brand.

Integrated digital marketing requires the business to synergize their marketing efforts across various channels in real-time to improve their customer experience and drive better ROIs. The biggest challenge of integrated marketing is not only to create client specific marketing strategies, but also to increase a brand’s visibility on web.

How to Achieve Successful Integrated Digital Marketing


It is essential for any business to build its online presence. By implementing Responsive Web Design (RWD), consumers can access your website from any device. At times, you might get stuck in a situation where you feel that RWD integration costs you more than the ROI it brings to your business. However, it should be noted that integrating RWDs is long-term strategy and it essentially becomes more cost-effective in the long run.


on-site and off-site content marketing

Content Marketing is used massively in the industry to engage the larger audience. The current digital landscape has widened the scope of it, and even the range of users has increased. The audience has become very interactive and wants fresh and accurate information with regular updates. Content Marketing is not limited only to blogging but now has various other creative outlets. Videos and images play a great role in generating traffic as they are more engaging pieces of content and interest various types of consumers.


The elements of digital marketing are changing rapidly. Mobile device usage and context-based content has fragmented and redefined the search. Major players like Google and Facebook are implementing ads which are targeting users on the desktop and mobile devices separately. In fact, Google is expanding its AdWords to include mobile words automatically and Facebook has introduced a social search engine with graph search.


Social media has become one of the most influential platforms of audience engagement at present, and it is important to use each of the platforms in their unique capacities. You can use different functions of social media to expand the way for interaction with consumers. You may ask questions, take feedback or comment on what others are doing and then learn from them.


social local mobile | So LO mo

Smartphones have become an inevitable part of our lives, and it has embedded itself deeply into our culture. It is important to know where buyers are when they’re trying to reach out to you and what sources they’re using. Are they using a cell phone or a computer? When do they most likely need your brand or product services? You can use SoLoMo to track high relevance opportunities by alluring the buyers with suitable deals. Social, local, mobile (SoLoMo) allows advertisers to reach potential customers by providing them with notifications about their brand or product at the right time and right place. Its principles are being incorporated into search engine queries for delivering the location based results to users.


Whenever we implement any marketing strategy, it is important to set up the metrics by which we can measure their effectiveness. It might be difficult to gauge the value of their presence, but it’s important to monitor the changes in consumer behaviour and their engagement. This monitoring will help you in gauging what’s working and what’s not. You can use digital marketing analytics data to analyze the ongoing marketing strategy and also list the predictive analysis through this performance report.

In this age of digitalization, if you don’t have an integrated digital marketing plan, you can’t gain an edge in this competitive market. Businesses are becoming reliant on various marketing technologies such as integrated digital marketing to keep them engaged with their consumers. Brands who don’t interact with their consumers through digital media would lag behind and slowly die out. The ones who makes the best use of this marketing strategy will win the loyalty of the mobile users.  

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