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With the rising prominence of inbound marketing, more and more businesses are shifting towards the inbound methodology. HubSpot provides modern software to marketers, which has many tools that can cater to all the marketing needs of modern-day marketers. To propel this effort, HubSpot also runs a Partner Agency Program, wherein it gives an opportunity to growth-driven businesses to partner with them, scales up their business and grows together. It gives its partners access to all its impeccable tools, which can cater to the needs of all teams within a business, such as the marketing team, sales team, tech team, etc.

HubSpot Partner Programs

There are three types of partner programs, out of which businesses can pick the best fit for them:

1. HubSpot Agency Program

This program is fit for all those businesses that want to provide exceptional inbound and sales services to their clients.

Apart from giving access to its exceptional software that contains many unbelievable tools, HubSpot also believes in empowering and nurturing their agency partners. It provides them with all the guidance, support and training which the agency partner would need to grow their business, so they can subsequently help their clients grow and succeed. HubSpot can help your agency improve its client engagements in increasing the revenue per client, implement ROI-centric services, and improve your client retention.

2. HubSpot Sales Program

You can join the HubSpot’s Sales Program if you are a CRM implementation company, sales consultant or business advisor.

Today’s sales reps spend too much time dealing with sloppy sales tools instead of driving more sales. Here is where a HubSpot Partner Agency can step in. Each category of a particular company can offer up different services to their clients.

For instance, if you are a CRM implementation company, then you can be tech implementers that recommend software solutions and/or migrate data from software systems. These agencies can work with SMB’s and can recommend more lightweight CRM’s to their clients.

If you identify yourself as sales trainers, coaches and consultants, then you can diversify your business as professionals who can add more value to their clients by giving them insights about current selling methodologies and encouraging them to adopt modern sales software.

As business advisors, you can diversify your business as professionals who would work with executives to make organizational changes in a business.

3. HubSpot Integration Program

HubSpot’s Connect Program is for companies that want to integrate their technology with HubSpot’s software to grow their user base.

Some of the best SaaS companies and applications in the world have already integrated with HubSpot. For a company to be connected with HubSpot, it should share its inbound philosophy with it, have a customer overlap and sport a software that should ideally complement inbound sales or marketing.

HubSpot Tier Program

HubSpot has introduced its Partner Tier Program, which aims to acknowledge those agency partners who have not only brought the inbound message to most of their clients but also those who executed inbound marketing services to the highest standards.

HubSpot’s tiers are calculated using a combination of metrics, an analysis of the monthly recurring value (MRR), retention, software engagement, and actual inbound marketing success.

There are four tiers, with the following thresholds :

  • Silver

Thresholds for sold MRR : $625

Thresholds for managed MRR : $3,500.

  • Gold

Thresholds for sold MRR : $1,125

Thresholds for managed MRR : $6,500

  • Platinum

Thresholds for sold MRR : $3,750

Thresholds for managed MRR : $20,000

  • Diamond

Thresholds for sold MRR : $10,000

Thresholds for managed MRR : $50,000

As a policy of these tier programs, all agencies must complete the Agency Partner Certification in order to be classified as a tier in the first place. It is also required to have a medium app usage of at least 5. Upon completing this, a partner can unlock its tier benefits and move up through these tiers by attaining various thresholds of sold and managed MRR’s.

Thus, by becoming a HubSpot Partner and joining in any of the following programs which would best suit your business, you can scale your business to new heights by providing your clients with powerful tools and solutions, which can lead you as well as your clients to a growth-driven path.

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