7 Best Email Marketing Practices For Financial Marketers



The evolution of digital marketing has brought forth many new marketing methodologies for marketers. Email marketing, however, continues to remain the best and the most personalised way of interacting with your customers. It also remains the most potent digital channel for financial marketing services providers to practice effective multichannel marketing.

Apart from the obvious benefit of providing a free platform for marketers to interact with their prospects and customers, email marketing helps in saving costs, increasing ROI and retaining customers. It is one of the most influential and proven ways of attracting new customers.

However, with new technology coming in daily, the scope and trend of email marketing has also changed over the course of time. Today, emails don’t just contain text messages wrapped in a box and mailed to prospects and customers but, have become much more interactive and call for actions from the customers’ end. It’s not just the changing digital space but, also the shift from desktops or personal computers to other devices like smartphones, iPads, tablets, etc., that have created the need for newer ways of designing emails.

Needless to say, emails will continue to occupy the most critical position in the list of marketing as well as remarketing strategies used by financial marketers and with a balanced combination of approach and techniques, marketers can make the most out of this age-old yet crucial marketing strategy.

Having said that, let us see what the best email marketing practices that should be followed by financial marketers are.

Mobile responsive emails

With the incoming of mobile phones, especially, smartphones that allow ease of access anytime and anywhere, desktops have taken a backseat. More than 50% of the customers today access emails on their mobile phones, which makes it essential for financial marketers to create emails that are mobile ready and responsive. Therefore, marketers need to optimise their emails for mobile as well as desktop.

Create data-driven personalised campaigns

Marketing today, much like the products and services, have become customer-centric. Businesses, today, start by creating their product or service around the consumers’ needs and preferences. Why not marketing, too? Using technology to gather customer data is what marketers have been doing for long now. Financial marketers should use this data to create personalised campaigns based on their customers’ personas. Also, marketers can use segmentation, which means splitting your buyer persona into more targeted groups basis their demographics, tastes and preferences, their searches and interests and other such criteria. Following this step, you can create personalised campaigns for the different buyer persona.

Create gated and ungated content

Ungated content means the one that does not require users to any carry out any Calls-to-Actions (CTAs) before viewing the content that you’ve shared. Whereas, in gated content the user has to first fill the form and then the content will be downloaded. Practice email marketing with ungated content or use marketing automation to auto populate the form with prospect’s information and lure your prospects to become your leads.

Leverage video content

The fact that YouTube is becoming the biggest search engine makes it imperative for financial marketers to move from creating blogs to creating videos for their customers. Informative videos can be attached to emails to lure the viewers to open and watch the videos. Obviously, anything that involves video and sound attracts people more than just words formed to create information. Therefore, marketers must leverage video content to its maximum potential to create visually attractive emails.

Real-time marketing

This is a trend that follows the personalisation of emails according to the buyer persona. It involves addressing the needs of the customers by sending the right message to the right place at the right time. More efforts will be required in creating such personalised emails but, they will be more efficient and generate more responses and hence, leads. There is nothing better than showing your prospects that they’re cared for, and this is just the technique that does it all!

Automation and integration

Automation is the latest technology that marketers are using in every task of their marketing process. When you start sending across email drips to your prospects and customers, it can be very tedious to keep track and timely send follow-up emails, which is where you need automation. By automating your email process, you can not only save the time and resources involved in sending them but, also be prompt and timely with their delivery.

Attach compelling CTAs and landing pages

The last but not the least email marketing practice that financial marketers should follow is adding CTAs to the emails. Every email that you send to your buyer persona should contain persuasive CTAs to entice the reader to act upon your email. Further, not only should the CTAs be compelling enough, they should be accompanied by convincing landing pages that can force the buyer to close the deal with you.

Though email marketing is considered as an age-old marketing technique, it is multiplying with the growing technology. Brands are creating emails that were never seen before with attractive and captivating content, be it information, images, infographics, videos or alike. If you’re a financial marketer looking to attract your prospects and converting them into customers, follow these tactics to fill in your target audiences’ inboxes with the best emails ever!

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