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A Bootstrapped Startup is a startup where an entrepreneur uses very minimal capital investment and uses the company’s revenues to fund his business. This method can be beneficial as the owner is not compromising on his equity to raise funds. Also, he gets to make all the decisions as he is the sole proprietor. Though it’s hard to turn quick profits, there is less liability of the owner (in case he was taking a loan), plus he is answerable only to himself.

For such start-ups, money is a limited resource and has to be used wisely. A bootstrapped startup will not outsource their PR work to an agency, as that can be expensive. However, focusing on PR is essential for any startup, from both customers and investors. To win over investors, you need to show them that your product or service is of consumer interest.

For any startup, it is essential to gain popularity quickly. An all round PR coverage is essential, and the following tips can help you get one:

Build connections with Journalists:

Scout down the journalists that write about your industry, find out their contact information, connect with them and pitch your idea to them. Keep track of what they are writing about, what trends you can see in their writing and think about the way you can convey your communication to them. Whenever there is a significant milestone your company reaches, contact such journalists and persuade them to write about you.


Any startup needs to form a vast web of networks to succeed. Whenever you attend a conference, a meet-up, talk to fellow founders, influencers and spread awareness about your product. This way you can also understand what people in your industry are doing, and if you can use their products too. The connections you make here can help in getting references and help down the road.

Amplification of Content:

Once you build connection, use your network and communities on social media to share information about your company. Try to analyse the industry trends and also determine how to showcase your product as the star among the competitors. Create high-quality content and educate your audience on your own.

Use innovative media platforms:

Traditional media is helpful only to an extent, in the digital age, you need to focus on innovative online and offline platforms to convey information. Analyse your target audience, ask them which channels they use to gather information, and target those platforms. This can range from generating SEO rich content, to releasing a Video about your company.

Above stated tactics are some natural but essential things a bootstrapped startup can do to gain good publicity.


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