Black Friday E-commerce strategy: Tips for 2022



The holiday season serves as a win-win situation, for both shoppers and businesses. For shoppers, it is an opportunity to get great deals and discounts, and for businesses, it is an opportunity for brand awareness and new customer acquisition. With the assistance of a great e-commerce SEO agency, businesses create a better online shopping experience.

Black Friday kickstarts the holiday season with immense zeal. 

During this time, the number of shoppers proliferates in the wake of celebrations, as online retailers offer abundant discounts, making it one of the busiest times for the E-commerce industry. The Monday after Black Friday and the Thanksgiving weekend is dedicated to E-commerce businesses therefore it is called cyber Monday.

But, the two impediments with this season are:

  • immense competition, 
  • highly price-sensitive shoppers, 

therefore, it is imperative to start strategizing early on.

Why optimize your E-commerce business for Black Friday? 

One of the biggest reasons to optimize for black Friday is that it is a shopping season. Other reasons to strategize for it are: 

  • It is a great time for small retailers to enhance their brand awareness and acquire new customers.
  • The conversion rate is higher. As per statistics, Black Friday 2021 experienced online sales of over $8.8 billion.
  • Shoppers enjoy the convenience of shopping online over standing in long queues.

How to optimize your E-commerce business for Black Friday? 

  • Conduct keyword research for your Black Friday campaigns

Keywords are the key elements when it comes to searching for a product online as they connect your business to the pertinent shopper. E-businesses must identify the best functioning ones for black Friday and cyber Monday.

Shoppers also make immense use of voice assistants such as home bots, and mobile voice searches to look for products, therefore, targeting long tail and semantic keywords is also essential.

  • Inculcate external linking practices

External links are the external sources through which a shopper visits your website. Best SEO services provide a good link-building strategy which widens the scope of traffic acquisition. 

Some practices followed for external linking are:

Guest blogging

Article submission

Social media sharing 

  • Optimize & audit your e-store

Retaining visitors to your website is extremely important to push them down the marketing funnel. As per stats, 88% of users say they would not revisit a website after a bad experience.

You must also conduct regular audits to keep your E-commerce site away from any broken links, images, spam, and indexability errors. This is exceptionally crucial during the holiday season, which serves high traffic potential.

Keep in mind the following points to optimize your online store for Black Friday: 

Create a dedicated landing page for the Black Friday sale. 

Ensure that the shopper is able to comfortably navigate through your E-store. 

Ensure your website loads swiftly.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Have a convenient checkout process with a variety of payment options. 

  • Be a honey badger 

Lately, E–shoppers have started searching for products sooner, making e-businesses initiate their holiday campaigns earlier. Starting early keeps your business a cut above the competitors.

You can be a honey badger in the retail shopping festival by: 

Creating a buzz through events, advertisements, social handles, and e-mailers.

Offering pre-sale deals to subscribers of the loyalty programs, which also attracts more subscribers. 

  • Make use of AI 

A lot of online stores are making optimum use of AI to provide a personalized touch to their customers. Mundane and time-consuming tasks are handled effectively and efficiently by AI, which allows you to focus on strategic and creative tasks. 

E-businesses are making immense use of AI in the following areas: 

Scheduling E-mailers through email marketing software. 

Using chatbots on the website to reap the benefits of conversational marketing.

Recommending and displaying personalized options to customers.

  • Offer post-purchase services

The festive season is a great time to gather customer data and lengthen your email list. You can seek customers’ contact information in return for discount coupons, free shipping services, etc. This makes it easier to connect to digital customers post-purchase and get their feedback.

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The holiday season is the most bustling time for E-commerce businesses. With the best SEO services, you can skyrocket your website traffic and conversion rate.

If you are looking for an excellent E-commerce SEO agency to assist you this holiday season, then let your search end with #ARM Worldwide.

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