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10 Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing Services to India


Predictions say that a lot of new trends will shake up the global outsourcing market in the upcoming future. The rise of new players, new international demands and changes in world economics are reshaping the structure that composes the global outsourcing business. Three forecasts provided by specialists are as follows:…

Predictions say that a lot of new trends will shake up the global outsourcing market in the upcoming future. The rise of new players, new international demands and changes in world economics are reshaping the structure that composes the global outsourcing business. Three forecasts provided by specialists are as follows: Latin America and Europe might be the new destinations for outsourcing work, a number of small alliances are emerging to decrease expenditure inside the outsourcing market, and even European carmakers might start outsourcing their production as well. Besides all these transformations, three things remain unchanged: India is still the biggest country for outsourcing services in the world, it is responsible for more than 36% of the global BPM (Business Process Management) – which is equivalent to $168 Billion – and that the largest part of the worldwide outsource industry comes from information technology and digital companies. In this post, I will present 10 reasons why outsourcing digital marketing to India can be extremely beneficial and profitable.

10 Advantages of outsourcing your digital marketing efforts

#1. Indian Human Resources

India has a large number of extremely qualified people (said by a Brazilian, not an Indian). The Indian Human Resources are recognized throughout the world and Indian brains are currently imported to fulfill the highest positions in multinational companies, recognized universities and international organizations. Around 68 million people of Its 1.2 billion population are university graduates. In Delhi – India’s capital – they comprise around 25% of the population. The more qualified people are, the better the services’ delivery.

#2. Save money

One of the main reasons why India is the leading country for the outsourcing market is the low costs of services. The qualified manpower cost in India is still lower than of other developing countries, and there is a large discrepancy when it comes to the exchange rate between the Rupee and the US Dollar – not only on the nominal but on the real exchange rate as well, which makes India usually cheaper for external companies to work on.

#3. Quality of the services provided

Another reason why India remains in its position as the global leader when it comes to outsourcing is because services provided in the country are of a high standard, and India is pretty famous for the quality of its digital and information technology services and products. With the high competitivity of the other developing countries on the outsourcing market, only price alone wouldn’t be able to sustain India’s position on the top of the list. Companies have developed a sense of trust on the services offered by the Indian companies.

#4. Government

India has very strong political institutions and has political stability on its government. Since outsourcing policies are a key asset to India’s economy – the government tends to favor them over others. It has given many benefits on taxation and various other aspects to the Indian IT companies, which are legitimated by The Information Technology Act. The act makes it much easier to start outsourcing to the country. It has legitimated the use of digital contracts, and – as an example – attempts to contain cyber crimes.

#5. New business perspectives

A group of highly qualified people that understand the concept of digital marketing properly enough will be having an outsider’s look into your business, and will also have an international perspective. This perspective might be highly beneficial to the development of the business because your Indian Digital Marketing Company might be able to identify new key points to invest their efforts to maximize your business profits.

#6. Technology up to date

Digital marketing has developed a lot in India in the past few years and has caught up with the rest of the world. Because of the recent government efforts towards information technology, companies tend to be more highly integrated with the global market and – therefore – the global trends.

#7. Increase the business scale

Another good reason for outsourcing to India is that – depending on the niche of your company – you can increase the scale of your business and can rely on the work of these qualified people. You can increase the range of clients without the investment of a physical expansion. For digital marketing, this is no different, and you will be able to have the constant support of the company’s team, which will back you up on your business development.

#8. Focus on the core business of your company

If a general company outsources digital marketing, then they will be able to focus on their main business purpose, while a qualified company will be taking care of their digital marketing efforts. Of course, this can be done with different countries or even in the domestic environment, but when doing it to India you can count on all the other benefits that have already been presented. In case of another digital marketing company you will be able to share the labor dedicated to campaigns – among various other things. You will also be able to focus on the strengths of your business and count with a backend company to assist you with the other categories, enabling your company to give a more complete experience to your clients.

#9. Guarantee of Return Over Investment

I have already approached the fact that in outsourcing digital marketing to India, your costs will be reduced, you will be able to work with highly qualified people and very committed companies that are up to date in technology, and with the global trends you will also be able to focus on the core aspects of your business and may also be able to increase your production capacity without having to invest in physical expansion.

#10. Became more agile and dynamic

Having a backend office in India will help you provide faster deliverables. In the case of other companies from the same niche, this happens because you can have a bigger demand without compromising your company’s reputation. The same idea suits other companies because your focus can move from digital marketing to other aspects. Having both direct efforts will allow your business to grow faster, which also allows you to be more dynamic with your work, cycle targets easily and to provide better deliverables to your clients. So, make sure you team up with an organisation that will give you the backup necessary to optimize your business’ prosperity.

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