10 Marketing Blogs Every CMO Should Read


Marketing blogs are an excellent way to stay out and discover crucial information and identify tried-and-tested ways to spot the various marketing trends around today’s fast-paced industry. So here are the top informative and essential marketing blogs that every CMO should follow: #1. Marketing Land Marketing Land is a reliable…

Marketing blogs are an excellent way to stay out and discover crucial information and identify tried-and-tested ways to spot the various marketing trends around today’s fast-paced industry. So here are the top informative and essential marketing blogs that every CMO should follow:

#1. Marketing Land

Marketing Land is a reliable source of the latest news in the world of online marketing. It reports on the relationship between digital marketing and tech development, and ensures that your content strategy reaches the target consumer. It works with some subject matter experts and guest contributors to provide the latest articles from the marketing world. From updates in content management to new features on social media platforms; Marketing Land’s posts are highly informative and relevant. Search Engine Land is a publication for the same company. It looks specifically into issues regarding SEO, paid search and content marketing.

#2. Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute offers one of the best pieces of advice regarding content and how it can help your brand grow. One of their primary objectives is to provide qualitative information to educate marketers through research documents, events, eBooks and whitepapers. It provides the information on trends, helpful strategies, storytelling, news updates from major brands and case studies on how companies can construct their content marketing strategies. From latest business trends to best practices, their blogs offers bits and pieces of advice on how to generate effective content marketing and best strategies for the business. It is totally worth it to browse and bookmark this blog.

#3. The Moz Blog

Moz Blog is one of the best digital marketing blogs to read if you want to get updates and news from top industries related to inbound marketing initiatives. Each of their posts provides real value and offers the actionable insights of the businesses. It informs everything you want to know with the right amount of detail to make it comprehensible. Moz blog is packed with useful blogs on SEO strategies and practices. It helps you to understand the mechanics behind the SEO updates. For a beginner, their content is quite digestible. Whether it's a recent algorithm update from the leading social mediums, a statement from Google or a guide for keyword planning, their blog should be referred by the marketers to deepen their knowledge of SEO or how they can integrate the various digital approaches with marketing strategies.

#4. Kiss Metrics

Kiss Metrics specializes in analytics, marketing and testing and its various informative blog posts reflect this specialist knowledge. Their team examines the statistical trends that are making waves and reports it comprehensively. These reports inform people about the brand's online performance. It is useful for conducting research for your articles and selecting useful statistics to use for your campaign proposals. On the blog, you will come across beautifully designed infographics which contain the latest digital marketing statistics, studies and tests. You’ll also find an array of useful digital marketing guides that tackle subjects like email marketing, social media and customer analytics.

#5. Convince & Convert

Convince & Convert produces a variety of resources that include websites, blogs, podcasts, books and eBooks. They are digital marketing advisors and a perfect platform to learn more about digital advertising. Each of the articles is short and simple, despite being insightful and informative. Jay Bear and his team are the advisors of Convert & Convince who have advised various brands with tactics to use social media and content marketing. Their advice helps you to think outside the box, and you can incorporate those ideas to build the digital marketing strategy.

#6. Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the leading inbound marketing softwares in the industry. It was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006. It offers many services in one powerful and easy-to-use integrated marketing package. It is an incredible support for creating powerful and compelling content, organizing your online activities, managing your website and then measuring and controlling everything you do on one single platform which makes inbound marketing faster and more efficient. Beyond their product offering, their blogs are the first step towards effective inbound marketing strategies.

#7. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner dispenses advice on all social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Twitter and more. You can get advice from the social media experts on how to generate an effective social media strategy on each of these platforms. Their blog posts and articles include the expert interviews, case studies, podcasts, reviews of the latest research results in the industry and the most recent social media news. This content can help you plan and create your social media strategy and content calendar. Social media has become one of the most influential mediums to reach out to the masses. To keep your social strategy updated, Social Media Examiner helps the business through their advice.

#8. eMarketer:

eMarketer is a marketing news source similar to Marketing Land. It leans toward data-driven content like case studies or market research. If you’re looking for demographic information, such as mobile usage within your target market, eMarketer is a good place to consult. It is a place to research about marketing in the digital world. eMarketer majorly relies on sourcing this information from marketers and business professionals. They generate the information on marketing trends, consumer behaviour and have a huge database of essential data relating to the digital economy.

#9. Socialfresh

The best thing about Socialfresh is that they also publish alternative media pieces such as podcasts that offer various alternate modes for consuming their data. Others include the videos, speeches or presentations at various events. If you’re short on reading multiple articles from various sources, Socialfresh gives you the consume comprehensive content via their offering. The topics which are covered by them focus a lot on the power of social media and how the industry is evolving.

#10. PR Daily News

PR Daily provides public relations professionals, social media specialists and marketing communicators with a daily news feed. It combines the industry related stories and the top stories going on throughout the world. It offers content pieces on content marketing and tech information as well. The variety makes their blog easier and enjoyable to consume without any repetitive content.
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