25 Tips to Reshape Marketing Automation


Convenience for workforce = Delighted customers A business is considered successful not when it generates more revenues than others, but when it’s improving on an intimately regular basis to achieve organizational goals. Such enhancement may be in the shape of support or guidance to customers, transparency and visibility with other…

Convenience for workforce = Delighted customers A business is considered successful not when it generates more revenues than others, but when it’s improving on an intimately regular basis to achieve organizational goals. Such enhancement may be in the shape of support or guidance to customers, transparency and visibility with other departments, or an ease in mechanism for time saving and efficiency building. However complex or urgent the current targets may be, the long term need is to improve experience of those who work for you and those you work for. If you aspire to be one such organization, an effective Marketing Automation Tool is what you need.

Marketing Automation: What and Why?

Marketing automation tool refers to the software that is designed to automate marketing actions.
  • It unifies repetitive tasks to boost productivity by conserving time.
  • It regulates the steps in the process of converting visitors to leads till they can be handed over to the Sales team.
  • It gathers the lead information and tracks its actions in order to identify the buyer persona, and places them correctly in the buyer’s journey.
  • Be it through online forms, automated emails, reports, lead scoring or activity tracking, marketing automation software smoothens the tasks hard to manage.
  • In advanced scenarios, the information collected directly (form responses) or indirectly (IP address) customizes persona’s next step.
  • Inferred tasks such as perceiving frequency and duration of visits with utilised content types personalize customer experience as well.
Publishing smart content is yet another way of putting forward what the prospect demands to search for. Keeping an eye on the tracking of clicks, it is easy to recognise lead’s interest in order to put the right type of online material forward and trigger their enthusiasm for more. Organizations that initiated the use of Automation Marketing were generally technology-specialised companies. Easy access, visibility and multi-screening kept all actions under their eyes and improved awareness. The sellers now carried detailed information of the prospects, respected visitors’ needs and could predict their behaviours for different actions. That’s the real power of automation, it opens all windows for wise decisions!

Evolution of marketing with Automation: Feel the Difference

Initially, Sales Reps responsible for the leads couldn’t have access to extensive data or weren’t educated about leveraging them. As a result, the leads hard worked upon with efforts and time couldn’t be reached with what exactly they required. Docurated's recent report on the state of sales enablement mentions that sales reps are not informed about from where to obtain the right content and think about conversion only when they aren’t left with options. challenges are contributing in bridging the sales & marketing silos with the best marketing automation software. Admirable successful stories are recognised where tech-savvy inside sales teams manage the leads as they transition from marketing to sales.

Whisper hints into ears and guide your reps

While your team is habituated to ongoing marketing measures, you need to make sure they not only adapt the automated way but also feel comfortable with working on it. Have a look at the following ways:
  • Run insights through their minds by providing regular lead notifications with details. This reduces chances for delays in procedures.
  • Mention suggestions with regards to content with context.
  • Provide notifications customised to sales management for increased transparency.
  • Hand over the process to sales channel at the right time.
It’s always better to bring clear and organized operations by removing the head trash.

Marketing automation for b2c

For a more optimised and contextual experience in Automation Marketing, we bring before you 25 review tips to improve lead nurturing with escalating revenue growth graph. Unlock the best potential of the tools you’re owning already.

Basic information in lead notifications

  1. Keyword from which they found you. (in case the keywords are not known, extrapolate from the words which lie on the ranking entry page)
  2. Identify which kind of buyer persona they are.
  3. Identify where they lie in the buyer’s journey.
  4. State which product pages they showed interest in. (for bracket context)
  5. A list of all the content they’ve consumed, downloaded, read or looked upon. (not only initial or end content)

Game plans work best when organised

6. Take note of all sort of questions the prospect is dealing with. 7. Give detailed points of the common decision criteria for the persona. 8. Explain their position in the buyer’s journey, their intuitive steps and estimated time they take before placing an order. 9. Emphasise the business case that can resonate with the lead. 10. Research on other expected buying criterion that may get involved.

Deal prospects with minute coordination strategies

11. Mentioning hyperlinks in email templates according to the preference of specified buyer persona at a specified stage in the buyer’s journey. 12. Recommending varied types of content that match the persona and stage of journey, also suggesting how and why the rep should introduce them. 13. Preparing a document of enlisted questions for the rep to ask (including guidance on sequencing and phrasing) for advance discussions and interpretive guidance. 14. Discussing how exactly the prospect’s current situation gets coordinated with sales. 15. Creating a series of next steps for an organized structural growth.

Sales team manages better when kept updated

16. Keep the sales manager informed about persona’s details (business size, industry, and products) for tracked coaching tips. 17. Optimize management resources based on rep’s strengths and weaknesses. 18. Provide extensive details frequently to target accounts or industries. 19. Notify sales management when unclicked internal emails are hit on. 20. Manage updates when you feed reps info clashes when they actually log some activity in the contact record.

Engage the lead’s enthusiasm

21. Boost the website’s revisit alerts in less time with specific key prompts. (e.g. visit the pricing page) 22. Provide text suggestions which are contextually relevant to encourage follow ups. (eliminate ‘touching base’ approach) 23. Share specific and informational content with the lead which is beyond general FYIs. This may be done as soon as it becomes available. 24. Track CRM record and mention viewed links in emails to facilitate review for the lead. 25. Text message notifications can be used for grabbing attention to high priority updates. To improve, you must begin! Frameworks of recognised companies build smart and motivated employees. Marketing Automation can contribute in driving workforce to action by simplifying complex mechanisms. Make sure you make the best of them! >> Know more about Hubspot and Hubspot India Partners.
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