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3 Proven Marketing Practices to increase college enrolments


It’s not the time when people expect to receive a postcard or stop at roads to admire the creative genius of some advertisement. Even if they do, they talk about it on digital platforms. Now, TV is not the primary source of entertainment and no one care about the radio…

Marketing Practices It’s not the time when people expect to receive a postcard or stop at roads to admire the creative genius of some advertisement. Even if they do, they talk about it on digital platforms. Now, TV is not the primary source of entertainment and no one care about the radio ads. All these things have been replaced by digital platforms that are used extensively by people every day. This shift in paradigm has affected the way how things are done and perceived in every field of work. Especially in the field of marketing where the audience has completely shifted from offline media to online media the strategies and tactics are now different altogether. With digital platforms taking the lead, traditional marketing methodology has taken a backseat. When most of the students and parents are now available online and spend most of their day searching for information and communicating on digital platforms, schools and higher educational institutes are now aligning their marketing strategies in accordance to the trends. Know more about the Importance of Online Marketing for Education Sector. As per many surveys conducted on the same line, one can easily get the fact that having an online presence is the most crucial aspect for any educational institute if they want to increase their enrolments. Why the internet is so important for the colleges to increase enrolments? As the consumers are heavily reliant on the internet for every piece of information they need and spend every free moment of their day by scrolling through the news feed of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, it wouldn’t be a great idea to not to utilise the internet for marketing purpose. Online marketing is proven to generate sizeable results for educational institutes if done effectively. When compared on the ROI basis, online marketing beats the traditional marketing by leaps and bounds. It is far less expensive and generates better results than what an old-school marketing campaign can do for your business in current scenarios. Now that we know why online/digital marketing is important for an educational institute to increase the college enrolment rate let’s understand a few proven marketing practices that can help an education institute to augment the results of their marketing efforts. SEO Search Engine Optimization is the most integral part of any efficient digital marketing strategy. From making your college rank higher on the Google search results to increase traffic to your website, SEO does it all. SEO helps an educational institute to improve several aspects of the site which helps institute to rank higher in search results and enhance the visibility amongst the audience. With effective SEO strategies helps institutes to augment their authority in the domain. It is very crucial to have an absolute authority when it comes to educational institutes. Best way to do is by attaining certain links for your websites by the help of local companies, partners in business and various other websites like Quora and Medium. The better the quality of linkbacks you’ll have the better will be the rank of the college on search results. Using such strategies colleges can expand their reach exponentially and attract students towards themselves. Most of the students before taking admissions do check about the colleges online and make their decisions accordingly. So, if your institute is missing out on this aspect, then there’re chances that you’re losing out to a lot of potential business. Content marketing Another way to improve the authority of educational institutes is to increase the educational content on the website and educate the audience. The content could be anything from videos, infographics to blogs; the only mandate is to have a quality content. Through content marketing strategies universities can amplify their follower/ audience base and by creating and publishing informative and relevant content that will catch the attention of the audience and create an affinity towards them. Students constantly search for relative information like ‘Placement opportunities after graduation in Computer Science’, ‘Future prospect of B.A. graduates’, etc. And, if a college is producing content relevant to such topics then there are chances that students will read it and know more about the institute. Also, when students find your content relevant and helpful, they tend to share it with their friends which in-turn increase the visibility and authority of the brands. Social Media Where do most of the student’s hangout? Or what’s the place where they spend most of their time? It’s the social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and some others. These social media platforms are a terrific way to interact with the potential students and increase conversations around the name of the institute. Social media platforms are the ultimate platform to initiate two-way conversations with the prospective students and increase the chances of getting their business. Being responsive to social media platforms, befriend students and creates affinity in their minds towards your institute and you can understand them better and provide personalised content to strengthen the relationship further. These three marketing strategies can help any institute to get better results and increase the enrolment rate. If you wish to understand more about how digital marketing can help your institute to rise and shine in the business and are still confused with the whole process, then follow:

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