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5 Reasons you must start managing Online Reputation for your college/university


In layman language, online reputation management is the process of analyzing the threats to the name of an organization and making constant efforts to keep up the name of a brand. Online reputation management can give an organization a chance to tap into the new horizon of a market and…

In layman language, online reputation management is the process of analyzing the threats to the name of an organization and making constant efforts to keep up the name of a brand. Online reputation management can give an organization a chance to tap into the new horizon of a market and expand their business multi-folds. But, why does an educational institute need to perform online reputation management for themselves? Well, the answer is simple. In today’s era where digital/online world holds more value than the offline world, it’s undoubtedly imperative for any educational institute to strategies and maintains their online reputation. If you’re someone who owns a business as small as a street shop or as big as a software MNC, you’ll understand the importance of the having an excellent reputation in the market. Similarly having an online presence and maintaining this status online is essential. This is especially true for the colleges and universities where most of the target audience is present online and consumes information online, ORM becomes a critical part of the marketing strategies. Imagine people saying bad things about your colleges online and posting comments that show that your university is not up to the mark, do you think that the aspiring students who are looking to take admissions in college will ever consider your university? Well, no! That’s why ORM is essential for universities if they want to get admission and not go out of business. Here are some reasons why online reputation management is important, and why universities must focus on it, if not doing yet. To put your best foot forward: Online reputation management is nothing but the way to make your brand look good on the digital platforms. These platforms are where people search for information. Whatever information they need, they turn to the internet for it, be it information about some product or reviews for some movie. Similarly, students who are constantly shuffling between the social media platforms and spend their day while scrolling through the feed on their mobile phones, do a complete research on the internet about the college before applying. Online reputation management makes sure that such students see the best of you. With the right strategies, institutes can present themselves to students in such a way that they understand the benefits of studying in the university. Also, having a good ORM strategy keeps a university in the good books of the current and the potential investors. Investment is another thing that is important for colleges, and if your college is coming out as a potential one, then it may help your college to get some sizeable amount of funding. Increased admissions: As mentioned above, students are now more aware than ever and perform a thorough research before thinking about taking admission in your college. Having a good ORM is the first step of the process that helps to increase admissions. ORM helps an institute to understand the market and analyze the emotions of students towards them, and then devise a strategy accordingly to cater to their needs. When a university has good online reputation and students knows about the academy it increases the chances of them applying to the college. Hence, it's proved that ORM could help colleges to get their admission game on point. Build authority: One thing that ORM strategy does the best is to increase the authority of the brand. How is it helpful for colleges/universities? Let’s have a look. Online reputation management helps institutes to understand the audience very well. With proper insights and understanding of what students want and the kind of content they want to consume, universities can establish a strong authority in this domain. When institutes have a proper understanding of the market and create their persona and profile accordingly, it generates an affinity in the minds of students. When students trust a college and can rely on them for information, they tend to share their feedback and recommend colleges to their friends. This helps a university to get more students or parents as their audience and increase their awareness, which further helps them to improve their admission rate. Hiring best faculty: Online reputation management helps an organization to build a good reputation online that attracts the fancy of everybody. When it comes to working, people always want to work at a place where they can enjoy their work and improve their profile. ORM leaves a strong impression on the minds of people and represents your colleges as the best place to work. This helps institutes to attract and hire the best faculty and improve the value of their educational staff. Risk management: Just Google the fact that how many colleges have gone out of business because of one bad move or a rumor. It takes mere moments to ruin the name of a highly reputed organization completely. ORM is what helps institutes to keep their organizations risk-free. While working in any industry, there are high chances of getting the thing going haywire. Just because of a small incident or a rumor people can turn against you, especially on the digital platforms where rumors or negative notions spread like wildfire. With effective ORM strategies, institutes can be on a constant lookout and make amends in time if anything goes wrong. >>Inbound Marketing can help you managing Online Reputation. Learn more about Inbound Marketing.

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