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7 Easy Win Digital Marketing Tactics for B2C SMBs


How do you know what companies are working on in a particular domain? How do you find out what brand makes the product you want? Do you go out in the market and look for the producers and suppliers before bargaining for the price? I don’t think so. When you…

How do you know what companies are working on in a particular domain? How do you find out what brand makes the product you want? Do you go out in the market and look for the producers and suppliers before bargaining for the price? I don’t think so. When you have a facility called ‘smartphone’, I don’t believe anyone would like getting out in the heat and seeking these things out. Nowadays, you can make it without having a proper office but cannot possibly do it without having an online presence. It’s okay not to promote your business digitally if you want to work with a limited set of customers and don’t want to succeed and have a greater reach. But, if you want to be amongst the top and build an authority, then it is imperative for you to have a presence online. According to stats, about 90% of marketers have already moved from traditional to digital marketing strategies and are likely to invest more on the latter. To learn more stats about digital marketing, you can read. With so much emphasis on a digital platform where everyone is trying to identify a TG and build authority, it is difficult for SMBs to stand-out and be seen because of their limited resources. Therefore, in the pursuit of garnering a greater audience than massive MNCs, SMBs are continuously trying to maximize their efforts and efficiently utilise their resources. But how can an SMB possibly match the resources of an MNC and achieve what they want to? This is where technology and all the tips and tricks step in and level the game. There are enough tools and softwares available in the market to ease up the complex tasks and automate the long and tiring ones for the marketers. Now the question is that every marketer has access to these tools and can use them if they wish, so what makes the difference? Everyone is trying to get engaging content and hook their readers, so how can one become the go-to choice? Here are a few tactics for you to do it right:

#1. Be multiple-platform friendly

Everyone today is on the go and are walking the talk, thereby also changing their buying habits. Portable devices, especially mobile phones have brought a drastic change in the system and is ever evolving since then. Everyone is now able to shop while on the go and cut down the task of going out and buying stuff. Therefore, it is important to be accomodating of all platforms and have a mobile-friendly site which can enable users to ease out their task. It is seen that companies who neglect the need of being mobile-friendly are losing a sizeable amount of business and leads, and will soon be surpassed by competitors who are active on multiple platforms and provide their users with a hassle-free shopping experience.

#2. Do what customers want

When we tell you to be mobile-friendly, it didn’t specifically mean that you have to be active on mobile phones. There are other portable devices like phablets and tablets – among others – as well which a company must target. A user can choose to surf the internet and look for information from any device, and if your site/business is not that platform-friendly, then it creates a negative impact on the mind of the users and harms the monetary and imagery aspects of the company. A business that can run across multiple devices is more likely to get readability and business inflow as compared to others. To be the maestro and have authority, a brand must have cross-platform presence and be available for its users wherever they want them.

#3. Social media efficiency

Being an SMB, you can get the maximum out of the social media platforms. Though new-age technologies have made the competition a lot stiffer, it has also made reaching to our audience and gathering user information an easy task for marketers. With so many tips and tricks, any professional can get the information about their TG easily and can amend their marketing campaigns and strategies accordingly. Not only this, but if done right then social media marketing strategies can help any brand to build greater authority and multi-fold their field leads in a short span of time. It is said that ‘that which is seen is sold’, and social media is all about making your brand visible and increasing worldliness about your company.

#4. Utilise the consumer data

What matters the most is to give information to users the way they want it. To provide the information which impacts and to hit the right node, it is important to gather and analyse data collected from consumers. There are marketing tools available that helps companies to automate the process and ease the task for professionals. This data includes everything; from shopping habits to favourite brands to nearest shopping location from their homes, etc.

#5. Augment your customer's journey

With all this information in hand and users providing their personal information, the least we can do is not spam them with unnecessary ads. We can contemplate the kind of ads they want to see and reduce the number of irrelevant ads in order to become more credible in the eyes of the users. With many tech and relevant tools present in the market, it is advisable for companies to invest in such data analysis tools that can help them to get this relevant data and design customizable ads for their users. Using all these tactics, you can ensure a sizable increase in the amount of profit in terms of leads and visibility of your brand, and its potential for higher success.

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