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10 Best Marketing Tools for CMOs to Build their Strategy in This Year


In today’s era, the world is shaping a massive space for budding to established marketers and marketing tools have become a need of the hour. They form the bridge or channel between an organisational goal or expectation and the real world. With shoulders broad yet occupied, they instigate, integrate, innovate…

In today’s era, the world is shaping a massive space for budding to established marketers and marketing tools have become a need of the hour. They form the bridge or channel between an organisational goal or expectation and the real world. With shoulders broad yet occupied, they instigate, integrate, innovate and implement to make sure that the company raises its barriers and leans in to scale. Be it graphically impactful videos, live podcasts, professional whitepapers, attention grabbing eBooks and newsletters with the help of marketing tools, content is of paramount importance to ensure viewership, readership and circulation. It’s expected to be educative and informative with engaging and compelling professionalism yet friendliness. If you’re one of them and find this relatable, you’re at the right place. In this competitive and transforming world which can make or break your business within minute fraction of seconds, don’t you feel adopting right practices and using the most suitable tools and softwares are keys to your prosperity and development? Or aren’t you in search of the best, cost efficient platforms to give a leverage to your existing practices? Here you go with 10 best marketing tools trending in 2018 filtered and served right at your service. You’ll find a summarised list of all tools as you proceed towards the end. Start taking notes!

1. Marketo:

It’s a multi-functional platform offering customer engagement marketing, marketing automation, real-time personalization to offer tailored marketing management functionality, marketing channels, comprising budgeting tools and marketing calendars. Key Features:
  • Email marketing and campaign management
  • Lead generation
  • Landing pages and forms
  • Website visitor tracking
  • Personalization of Mobile and Web

2. Pardot:

Pardot is a Salesforce product, is a jam-packed marketing automation tool for motivating sales through social marketing, lead generation and management, email marketing, sales intelligence, and more. Key Features:
  • Email marketing with fully-branded templates
  • Landing pages, form builders, and search connectors
  • Link all your search campaigns in a single stage
  • Lead generating, grading, and tools used for nurturing
  • ROI report
  • CRM integration and Real-time sales alerts
  • Sturdy, multi-channel social marketing

3. Eloqua:

Eloqua offers a broad collection of marketing automation tools, from campaign controlling to lead administration, targeting, segmentation, and more. As compared to other tools, it lets you launch operations in days, rather than weeks, to support sales events, renewals, and a multiplicity of other activities. Key Features:
  • Campaign templates tailored to your marketing objectives
  • Automate email marketing, content marketing, and demand generation
  • Create campaigns, landing pages, and forms with innate editing tools
  • Nurture leads with automated welcome emails
  • It includes webinars, up-sell campaigns


Lets you send directed, individual messages to your customers based on their unique interfaces with your business. It integrates flawlessly with your website or mobile app, appointing into real-time data to prompt actions built on user behaviour. Key Features:
  • Analyse user behavior and send targeted emails.
  • Elastic segmentation, data customization
  • Page views, events, and email activity
  • A/B testing
  • Rich customer profiles and in-context conversations

5. HubSpot:

HubSpot is an extensive inbound marketing platform, offering a variety of marketing automation features and competencies. It’s a one spot destination of integrated marketing tools, social, SEO, spanning blogging,email marketing, and more, HubSpot is an all-inclusive platform for improving marketing efficiency and marketing effectiveness. Key Features:
  • Observes leads, landing pages, and performance in one
  • It streamlines content creation through Content management system
  • Uses real-time data to provide related, contextual marketing understandings
  • It helps you build automated workflows round your goals
  • It converts, tracks, and categorizes leads

6. AdRoll:

An extensively used retargeting platform. Leads and customers are engaged through advertisements on facebook, twitter, and mobile. Cross-device enables cross-platform retargeting capabilities, as well as bendable segmentation, customized experiences can be provided to them which would enhance the efficiency marketing world holds. Key Features:
  • Cross-device, cross-platform retargeting
  • Facebook, Twitter, mobile, and web
  • Dynamic LiquidAds
  • Flexible segmentation
  • Transparent analytics
  • Expert optimization and conversion reporting

7. Pica9:

Pica9 CampaignDrive™ platform offers brand resource management, web-to-print, email, social, landing pages, and more. Results are enhanced from a single, intuitive interface to manage a multitude of marketing functions which streamlines the marketing efficiency. Key Features:
  • Print collateral can be customized
  • Easy to use HTML email marketing tools
  • Email reports
  • Built-in approval loops to streamline workflows
  • Multi-channel capabilities
  • HTML5 web banners and landing page

8. Canterris:

Smarketing is no longer a word in the business books because Canterris made it possible in the real world too. It integrates sales and marketing processes of a business by optimizing content, lead management, coordination of marketing campaigns and more. Key Features:
  • It creates and manages email, nurtures leads, and newsletter campaigns
  • Identifies the quality sales leads and makes new customers.
  • Website publishing tools
  • Website optimization
  • Budding library of plugins, modules, and extensions
  • Marketing analytics

9. Bremy:

Offers internet based, multi-channel publishing products and sevices. Digital marketing like email newsletters, database publishing and video proofing, now advanced enterprises can easily use tools like bremy to customize and achieve marketing efficiency. Key Features:
  • Streamlined video proofing with multi-user collaboration
  • Progressive digital asset management
  • Streamline publication creation and modification
  • Email campaign after creating and targeting audience.
  • Makes templates, tickets and point of sale (POS) within terms

10. Outmarket:

Outmarket is also called as vocus marketing. It’s a combination of email, search, social, publicity, analytics, customer relationship management and more in one tool. Outmarket is a smart tool which enables you deliver the right content to right customers with personalized messages through efficient workflows. Key Features:
  • Automate workflows to create custom experiences
  • Recommendation Engine to find relevant, engaging content
  • Lead scoring
  • Campaign management
  • Custom objects for seamless data integration
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