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Automation is a process that pretty much took the marketing world by storm. Though there were enough changes taking place in the marketing segment, no one expected that automation would be something that had the potential to completely change the status-quo. But now, if you happen to ask the marketers…

Automation is a process that pretty much took the marketing world by storm. Though there were enough changes taking place in the marketing segment, no one expected that automation would be something that had the potential to completely change the status-quo. But now, if you happen to ask the marketers of today about this, they’ll tell you about the sheer importance of marketing automation in today’s competitive world. This brings us to our topic of why marketing automation is essential for the education industry. Marketing automation provides people with the much-sought solutions of many long-lasting marketing problems that have been plaguing the industry since time immemorial. Unlike the traditional forms of marketing, automation enables marketers to streamline and automate certain tasks that were quite troublesome when done manually. Let’s understand why and how marketing automation is helpful for education industry:

#1. Quicker turnaround with less expenditure

Marketing automation lives up to the name when it comes to providing a much-needed level of ease to marketers. With proper marketing automation tools, professionals can save valuable time and resources while completing their tasks more efficiently. For example, by using marketing automation tools, an institute can create and schedule e-mails according to the consumer's feedback, and provide them with timely information to create a positive impact in the minds of users. Using automation tools for e-mails has way more than just one benefit for educational institutes; they help one analyze the persona of the individual and allows an organization to connect at a time when consumers are available. This improves the open rate for these emails, which in turn helps the organization to boost their business prospects. There are many other processes which can be initiated with a simple click of a button by using such automation tools, which saves efforts and resources of an institute that can be utilized in other areas.

#2. Personalised solution

One of the greatest advantages of an automation tool is that an educational institute can dig deep into an individual’s personality to gather relevant data and provide more personalized solutions to them. Most of the marketing tools available in the market have a feature ingrained in them to map and understand the needs of every student and provide insightful data to universities. Such information is useful for an institute to provide personalized solutions to every student, and attract them towards their school. For instance, if a student is looking at the placement records and the alumni page on a website, then these automation tools can map and analyze this information and provide the relevant data to institutes. Leveraging this data, universities can produce and send personalised information to a prospective student to get their attention. Once this is done, there’s certainly a higher likelihood of that particular student visiting the website for more relevant information/solution, ultimately giving the educational institutes a chance to convert that student into a successful enrolment.

#3. Focused targeting

Marketing automation, unlike traditional marketing strategies, has the ability to track and create a list of potential consumers that are likely to be converted into successful enrolment. While automation helps institutes to manage and attract potential consumers, finding out the potential business is also one of the advantages of automation that marketing professionals in the education industry can target. Why is focused targeting required, and why can’t an institute follow the conventional method? Obviously, they can, but the problem with conventional methods is that it requires a lot of resources to provide very less output. Whereas, through the use of automation tools, an institute can create and maintain a database of potential consumers and reach out to them. This will help them save their efforts and resources and ultimately increase their conversion rate.

#4. Analytical benefits

Traditional marketing tools are done on a large scale and create a buzz about the institute that's utilising these tools amongst the general populace, but there’s no proper method to track the success and ROI of such marketing campaigns. This is contrary to the measurement of results of digital marketing, which makes the mapping of certain metrics of a campaign possible through these marketing automation tools. Every company wants to measure the results of their marketing campaigns, and with the help of tools like HubSpot, an organization can analyze and measure the ROI of their marketing campaigns without much efforts.

#5. One integrated platform for all your needs

Every marketing professional knows the efforts they have to put in to manage their marketing campaigns on multiple platforms. Well, automation tools are to the rescue for them. Using the automation tools, marketers can run, manage and track all their campaigns on a single platform. This one feature saves professionals from a lot of headaches and minimises the probability of any error that might arise in the campaign. Using these tools is not an especially challenging task either. Any marketer with a basic understanding of technology can easily get some much-needed information on these tools and manage multiple campaigns with ease.

#6. Optimizing landing page

One of the major marketing automation tasks definitely includes website optimisation. Any educational institute which wants to leverage the complete potential of automation tools and achieve maximum results absolutely cannot ignore website optimisation. By optimising the website, we mean that educational institutes need to integrate features like landing and CTA’s on their website. Including CTA’s in your relevant content floating on the internet helps increase the chances of a consumer to reach your website. Once a consumer is on your site, then through the smart integration of content and automation tools, institutes can push consumers to share their queries/information (e-mail id, phone number). Using this information, an institute can reach out to them in a better way and increase their chances of getting their business. There is undoubtedly a lot left to discover in the field of marketing automation, and all we can say is that it is going to change the way marketing is done in the field of the education sector. We hope that you got the information required to know exactly how an automation tool can help education institutes boost their student recruitment. But, if you still wish to know more about marketing automation and how using tools like HubSpot can help your institute then visit:

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